What the Protest Against Police Brutality Should Have Been


I can make an educated guess. The majority of these protests have minimal issues. But maybe for the ones that do, try what you say and see what happens

Zero issues? Are you kidding? The punks and thugs tailed into every one of them in major cities.

You want the police to pull back, you have to fill the void.

I changed to minimal… since Zero is unattainable

I added to mine. It stands.

Did you watch the video?

Some of the answers to the plan are in there.

Pro tip: take the race part out of protests about racial disparity in police brutality. Also, literally have nothing bad happen ever.


He’s in good company.


And on the scale of things negatively affecting the Black Community this is a miniscule problem.

At best 2-3 blacks were unlawfully killed by police last year while thousands were murdered by other blacks along with 10’s of thousands wounded in shootings committed by other blacks.

The entire movement was predicated on a lie and continues to be.

I actually understood the burning of the precinct more than the burning of the autozone and looting of target. For a moment, there was a focused movement afoot.


Sheet of the bull in this thread.
@SneakySFDude you are mr macho with the guns and skills to protect yourself and your family. So destroying the police is no skin off your back.

But our social structure is built upon a nation of all sneakysfdudes.

We used to tell kids that policemen were their friends. And they were. What happened? Here’s what happened… they were treated like abused dogs. And to defend themselves they got mean… they HAD to get mean or die. So now you want to put the mean junkyard “dog” down even though the ones who beat on the “dog” are getting celebrated. You can replace all the cops with nice guys who follow all the rules and after awhile - if you let them get beaten with the frying pan over and over - they will become mean junkyard dogs too.

This is ■■■■ of the bull.

Yeah, they should…


The data doesn’t support the claim of racial disparity in this day and age.

Don’t believe everything you see in Hollywood westerns or read on the internet.

Post a link with the names of those who said that with a signed affidavit stating they speak for BLM. Or… it had nothing to do with BLM.

You know the drill. Now get busy.

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The precinct was a good target for protest and civil disobedience.

Destroy the police?

Did you watch the video? Replace the police.

What happened? Here’s what happened… they were treated like abused dogs.

That’s not at all what happened. They were never our “friends”. They stopped living in the communities they “serve”. They stopped getting out of their cars except to bust heads or take money. They started shooting kids for playing with toy guns and not crawling down a motel hallway right.

What did Philando Castile do?

What Justine Damond do?

How about Daniel Shaver?

Treated like dogs? Yeah, somebody is, it ain’t cops.

Respect is earned, not handed out with a badge.

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Note, I’m not saying they should have burned it to the ground, but it makes sense that they did. If that was all that happened, and protests continued peacefully…99.9% of America was absolutely behind them. They could have wrote their own check in terms of police reformation. But the lawlessness underlined the necessity of those they were against. It made it a lot tougher for some to understand, let alone join their movement.

I even said… “replace”.