What the Protest Against Police Brutality Should Have Been

If I was running this movement, there would have been some things done differently.

Number 1


Daniel Shaver is just as much a victim as George Floyd.

Police brutality happens to people of all cultures except one. Make it about we, not me.

Everybody get on board. Seeing all different cultures out together would make them pee their pants.

Easy day.

Number 2


Looting delegitimizes the message. The kind of control NOI used to scare the ■■■■ out of the powers that be. Everybody, regardless of culture, is here for one reason. Need to have some security.

Number 3


Have to have a viable plan for what happens when the changes come. Don’t let the pols spend a year “beginning the discussion” or dictating how it’s going to go. Law and Order Plan

Number 4


The state is the problem. Can’t tear everything up. The police station was a good target, everything else not so much. Do one station. If that isn’t enough, do another station.


Want to see what it could be? How inclusive it could be.

Watch this:

Standard Youtube Warnings Apply.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Imagine their fear if the whole community ever shakes hands. They only have power because we fight each other.


Goal is key to success.

Good points.

Be the peace…Expose the brute.

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Oh and watching that video will teach you some things.

Ammon Bundy joining a BLM protest. :rofl:

And invited! Genius!


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Yes, it does. Rare as it has been proven to be.

Why should the looters care? They got their free stuff. The rest are left to pick up the pieces. Rinse and repeat.

Good luck with that when libs are in charge.

Sorry you feel that way. I have to wonder how many victims of crime will never see justice because the police station or stations had evidence destroyed.

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I did. Ammon Bundy was invited to participate in a BLM rally and he’s going.

Watch the video, he’ll tell you.

This should be a different movement. Maybe combine BLM with another group who focuses on polic brutality as a whole? This idea sounds good just needs to be in collaboration with BLM. No need for them to change their message right now.

Won’t happen. Civil Right Movement had their violence as well. It would be nice if you could control every.single.person protesting but you can’t.

Agreed. BLM has very high level one but I am curious about the details.

Agreed. But you can’t control all the opportunists.

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Then don’t. Either way please stop nagging.

Change their message?

Don’t need to control every single person, just isolate and separate.

BLM has an idea, not a plan.

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Ibid. You can do a lot better than they did. BLM didn’t try. I would say they encouraged it in some places and times.

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They are focused on a very specific problem. Police brutality and Justice system bias against black people. That is their mission.

When they are ready to expand it, I hope they do! But they shouldn’t let their message be changed due to political pressure from people on the right who don’t even care about their current movement.


They won’t.

Yes you do because the criticism would still happen if even ONE business is burned down.

'Cause he has on a cowboy hat … and he’s inside.

Then go educate yourself. He was on the front page of every newspaper in the country and discussed in here for months.

I did provide a summary. Watch it or don’t.

Not if you isolate them and let the police do their jobs. Hell, monitor the police for brutality while they arrest them. You can’t say what would happen, BLM hasn’t tried.