What The Hell Is Brandon Doing?

Precisely…nice that I don’t have to rely on electric when power is out.

And propane is less than half the cost…also our electric is cheaper than most parts of country because of all the dams.



How often does your power go out?


Once, maybe twice a year. I have a generator.

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We’re still not Texas :wink:

Blind faith.

In 25 years in this house, we’ve never lost power once. Underground power lines are also awesome. My daughter never experienced electric power outage till she went to college.

Correct. Not sure what Brandon actually did. (And more to the point, what his surrogates actually did.)

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Good for you. Keep loading it up.

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Nothing. Brandon is not in control.

And for this gas stove overreach, he abused “wartime powers act”.



Our power company keeps adding capacity. A reliable power grid is :muscle:

Good for you, keep loading it up.

You realize of course your power grid is natural gas and coal-fired.

And you use 6 times what your state produces?

Replacing gas heaters with electric heaters is a national emergency.
Millions flooding illegally through our borders is not an emergency.

Got tit.


This seems to be part of every Dimbulbcrat failed experiment.
“These investments” :rofl: code name for taxpayer’s money.


And sun and wind :+1:

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I’ll take it over more investments in defense taxpayer spending.