What the Democrats are Doing is Nothing New

This is where we are right now, the world democrats have created inside the US:

“The very rich come under attack, as inequality becomes increasingly intolerable. Patriarchy is also dismantled: “We almost forgot to mention the extent of the law of equality and of freedom in the relations of women with men and men with women.” Family hierarchies are inverted: “A father habituates himself to be like his child and fear his sons, and a son habituates himself to be like his father and to have no shame before or fear of his parents.” In classrooms, “as the teacher … is frightened of the pupils and fawns on them, so the students make light of their teachers.” Animals are regarded as equal to humans; the rich mingle freely with the poor in the streets and try to blend in. The foreigner is equal to the citizen.”

The above is where we are at right now, and Tyranny is where it will end.

Like I said, what the Democrats are doing is nothing new, because the quote above is from ancient times, this the the last line:

" And it is when a democracy has ripened as fully as this, Plato argues, that a would-be tyrant will often seize his moment."

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That paragraph is not from ancient times, it was written by Andrew Sullivan May 1 2016 New York Magazine/ Intelligencer and it was about Trump. Further along in the piece is this section

"And so, as I chitchatted over cocktails at a Washington office Christmas party in December, and saw, looming above our heads, the pulsating, angry televised face of Donald Trump on Fox News, I couldn’t help but feel a little nausea permeate my stomach. And as I watched frenzied Trump rallies on C-SPAN in the spring, and saw him lay waste to far more qualified political peers in the debates by simply calling them names, the nausea turned to dread. And when he seemed to condone physical violence as a response to political disagreement, alarm bells started to ring in my head. Plato had planted a gnawing worry in my mind a few decades ago about the intrinsic danger of late-democratic life. It was increasingly hard not to see in Plato’s vision a murky reflection of our own hyperdemocratic times and in Trump a demagogic, tyrannical character plucked directly out of one of the first books about politics ever written.

Could it be that the Donald has emerged from the populist circuses of pro wrestling and New York City tabloids, via reality television and Twitter, to prove not just Plato but also James Madison right, that democracies “have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention … and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths”? Is he testing democracy’s singular weakness — its susceptibility to the demagogue — by blasting through the firewalls we once had in place to prevent such a person from seizing power? "


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Has it been a week already?



That isn’t the last line from Plato. It’s the last line from Andrew Sullivan May 1 2016 New York Magazine/Intelligencer regarding Donald Trump.

That is ridiculous. Poetic, but ridiculous.

Look what’s oozing out of the sub-flooring this time. :rofl:


Peace and prosperity is such demagoguery! To the left I guess, it is… The only borders the left will protect is Ukraines…


But if we have peace and prosperity, how will the NPC’s post their attention-seeking BS from slave-made electronics made out of terrorist-sponsored oil? :person_shrugging:


Blasting through the firewalls. That’s exactly right.

Such as the electoral college?

Absolutely. He tried to overturn it.

Who did?

Donald J Trump

Did the EC fail, allowing him the opportunity?

The system worked. It’s far from guaranteed to work in the future with that door opened.

If it worked, how did Trump get elected?

In 2020?

In 2016.

He didn’t try to overthrow the electoral college in 2016.