What should the US do about Mexico's BRICS application?

While not widely covered in US media, the South African Foreign Minister, Naledi Pandor, recently included Mexico in a list of BRICS applications that she has received.

That comes after earlier reports that Mexico was interested in joining BRICS:

At the same time Mexico says that it opposes calls from the US Congress for the US military attack drug gangs in Mexico.

Senator Marco Rubio has expressed dismay at the recent agreement between Brazil and China that bypasses US financial systems.

Should the US oppose Mexico’s application to join BRICS?

What should the US response be if Mexico follows Brazil’s lead with a closer financial relationship with China?

What can the US do to oppose any move by Mexico to have closer economic ties with China?

Mexico is a Sovereign nation and can decide its own future.


I agree Mexico is a sovereign country, and we should not interfere.

Mexico is dependent on trade with the US as part of NAFTA. Economic sanctions against Mexico could cripple their economy.

The US has history of supporting coups and inferring in elections in Latin America. Will President López Obrador be on Washington’s hit list?

If we impose economic sanctions on Mexico the illegal immigration situation will only get worse.

I doubt the US will do anything, no sanctions or anything.

Mexico is free to create trade agreements with whoever they want.

While I don’t support it, election interference and diplomatic pressure from Washington are likely from what I see.

The US will not allow Mexico to get too close to China no matter what White House rhetoric about national sovereignty would indicate.


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Imagine you bundle together a bunch of bad untrustworthy mortgages and call them “good” (trustworthy) because, well . . . it’s a diverse bundle they can’t all go bad at once right? ---- that was 2007

Imagine you bundle together a bunch of crappy untrustworthy currencies and call them “good” (trustworthy) because, well . . . it’s a diverse bundle they can’t all go bad at once right? ---- that’s BRICS.
Right now (temporarily I assume) the
Yuan overnight rate > Chinese CPI
US Fed Funds < US CPI

Right now you make money holding yuan but lose money holding dollars.
If that continues for 20 years, the dollar will be done in 30 years.
The rest is just little dogs barking.

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Based on recent rhetoric from Washington, the US has no right to interfere with Mexico; Mexico is free to form military or economic alliances with whatever countries they want.

How has that worked for Cuba?

Biden is ok with it because China wants it.

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Maybe punching down on all these countries wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The relationship between Biden and China is complex.

I have wondered if China has a case of buyer’s remorse with the Biden family given some of the neocon rhetoric coming from the White House.

On the other hand, deranged neocon policies are playing into the hands of China. The dollar-based financial system is rapidly losing its dominance; the center of world finance is moving from New York to Shanghai. Strong ties between China and Russia give China better access to Russian energy.

The message from the Biden administration has been our way or the highway.

The message from China has been let’s make a deal.

China is the biggest winner from Biden’s policies; Mexico’s BRICS application is the latest example. China’s investment appears to be paying off.

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“Punching down” is back!

Phrase of the day?

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If one begins with the bigoted mindset “the USA is evil. I hate America”
It is natural to think in such terms.

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They hate this 'murca.

They want their America

It’s never left as the MO for the GOP.

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I’m above Alvin Liberty? Why thank you!

You realize of course “America” will have to be renamed…

I’m in the wrong thread!

Yes. Some of them have chosen the name “Aztlán”
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So is the US, yet Mexico has facilitated the illegal invasion of millions into America.
Mexico could give a ■■■■ about America’s sovereignty why should we?