What should happen after the vaccine is released?

I vote we totally ditch the new normal and go directly back to the old normal. Instantly. Make people 100 percent responsible for their own health. Get the vaccine if they choose, or take their chances. Open everything 100 percent to pre Covid levels. When we approach the release date, governments need to get ahead of this and lay out the plan. Personally, I like my plan. How about you?

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Would the vaccine be available to the entire country so all people could receive it if they chose? Or if there are delays and people are waiting for it, do we still open everything up because those losers are too slow?

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After the vaccine is released, naturally we first distribute it to health care workers and then those in most vulnerable groups (nursing homes, etc…)

Then, everyone else as soon as supply is there.

Provided nothing goes wrong, then we go back to the old normal.

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You could put in a buffer of maybe two weeks after it becomes available. To allow everyone an opportunity. I would be fine with that.

And of course there would be people to make sure that everyone in the country had a chance to get vaccinated. Almost like a census.

My comment was made based on when it would be available to the general public. Governments need to be transparent and up front on this. Winging it and looking at data for months afterwards would be nuts. I don’t think we need to wait for two months to see if anything goes wrong. That’s what clinical trials are for.

You understand that it will take much longer than 2 weeks to produce 350 million doses, right?

Right, I would not wait for months either. I am with you - after vaccine is here, stay home if you feel like you’re at risk but rest of us should be able to do as we like.

If people do not get vaccinated they are still free to observe the safety measures. Nobody will make them stop. But those who wish to get the shot and get on with their lives should not be held back.


It would not be possible to vaccinate everyone in the country in two weeks even if there were sufficient doses available. And that would be so even if there were only one shot required … the vaccine that the government just ordered up in preparation for mass vaccination requires two shots given weeks apart and probably a booster ever few months to keep the immunity going.

But your concept is good. Once everyone has the opportunity to be fully vaccinated going back to business as usual would we wise.

So they’d have some kind of vaccine badge?

Why do you always ask me the dumbest questions? Like you’re giving me some kind of lame assed quiz? I probably am more informed on this topic than anyone in this forum. I’m paid to be. Read my comments. The answer you are looking for is already there.

You’re paid to be on this forum? This makes sense. Privyet!


No. If people don’t get the vaccine and decide to risk it, that’s on them. They are responsible for their own health. Give everyone the opportunity. Then open things up. If my family gets the vaccine, they are protected and I will have no problem with them going to a movie.

Because you’re never able to answer them.

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Your posts prove otherwise. Don’t brag - show.

No, it isnt. I’m not even the only poster to point out the fact that two weeks is not enough time to vaccinate the whole country.

Yup, like the flu or anything else

Your reading comprehension is worse than a third grader’s. Probably worse than my dog’s. I said nothing even close to that. And the accusation you just made is a flaggable offense. Be careful. Don’t say nit wit things.

When the polio vaccine came out, most parents didn’t have to be told to get their kids vaccinated. Too many saw one of their kids or one of their friends’ kids go down with polio, and they wanted their kids protected without delay.

Likely, (and assuming it looks like a good vaccine, not something that gives a 50% chance of immunity, or one that needs frequent re-vaccination), likely many parents will want their kids vaccinated. And many adults will want it for themselves.

As far as I am concerned, right now the question is just mental masturbation, given we really don’t know much about what the vaccine will actually do.

When it becomes widely available in Ohio, I would be okay with a two week buffer period for everyone to get a shot. Then open everything up. People who did not or could not get vaccinated are still free to abide by the previous state guidelines. No one will stop them. My main point is that governments need to be transparent on the plan. What ever their plan is. Winging it for months while looking at charts is a sucky plan. In fact it’s not a plan at all.