What Should Donald Trump Say In His Speech Tonight

Public opinion polls indicate that the public opposes Trump’s wall by a margin of between 15-20%. Similarly, polls show that the people want the government to re-open.

The President is giving a televised speech tonight to make his case for the wall (unless he uses the speech to declare a National Emergency). But assuming he is making the case for the wall, what would be the most effective approach he could take?

I am not asking whether the wall should be built. There are plenty of threads on that. Rather, in a “politics” thread let’s talk politics (not policy). A President whose approval rating is underwater is trying to win support for an unpopular policy. This is a tough task. What should he do?

It would be fun tomorrow to see if he followed any of our advice.

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“I resign effective immediately.”


Tell bigly whoppers. 35% of the people will buy it.


Part of the speech tonight will be a campaign rally.

Another part of the speech will be to attack people.

A third part of the speech will be him telling many falshoods.

A fourth part of the speech will be about the witch hunt.

Or maybe he’ll stay on topic.


As someone said, many president’s have given speeches to calm a frightened nation. In contrast, Trump will give a speech to frighten a calm nation.

You know, maybe if Obama had bullied and disparaged the media more, the networks would have broadcast his 2014 speech on immigration. As it turns out, if you call them the enemy of the people and fake news, they’ll air your propaganda and lies because . . . I guess they’re afraid to be called fake news (?)


Marge, I’m afraid he will declare a national emergency. Congress has given up our democracy.

I also think he’ll declare a national emergency. Then Congress will have to dismantle his argument piece by piece.

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I also hope that republicans understand that this is a vanity project for Donald Trump.

And the national debt will continue to skyrocket. Where is the tea party?

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I think has three options. In no order of preference:

  • “Play to the base” Give his reasons to build the wall (invasion, terrorism, drugs, crime, chaos). This will delight his base, annoy his opponents and leave the stalemate in place. Within this option, if me makes a major attack on the Democrats that might serve to prolong the shutdown.

  • “Declare a national emergency” I asked yesterday if a national emergency would lead to the government being reopened and several posters said yes. I am not sure, because such a declaration would almost certainly be challenged in court and Trump could take the position that until he is free and clear to build the wall he’s not budging on the shutdown.

  • “Offer a Deal” Funds for immediate start on a two hundred mile extension in exchange for a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. This has two advantages. It allows both sides to get out of the stalemate with something they want and without either side appearing to surrender. Second, if the Democrats refuse this then they become the owners of the shutdown. (Before someone says that taking 200 miles of wall and not the whole thing is concession by Trump, remember that $5Billion does not get the whole wall no matter what.)

Yep. He’s losing so must quadruple down.

It’ll be fun counting the lies, though.

He should declare emergency powers. Immediately fund the wall at the highest possible levels. Announce special prosecutors for Hillary and Democrats in Congress who are clearly working with human traffickers and drug lords.


It’s one of the most obvious and cliched authoritarian moves, but as a practical matter, I don’t think this will actually allow him to do much–at least immediately. Sound, fury, bluster, and prime rib for his base. But the nuts-and-bolts will end up hashed out or stalled in courts.

I think he was asked to resign but he said nyet.

Donald Trump is going to declare a national emergency days after democrats take the House. After having complete power for 2 years. And Republican media will agree with him. Just watch.

That’s some funny stuff right there. I don’t care who you are.

I think this is the most obvious and face-saving move for Trump. Take what appears to be a drastic and dramatic step (on television), knowing that there’s this thick, complex backstop for anything actually happening. It might appease his base enough for him to open the government.

The GOP needs to be razed and burned. The ashes and fine-grained rubble need to be scattered to winds. Then, the earth needs to be salted.


Another in a long line of “What if Obama did it?” Questions.



He needs to explain, in detail, how Mexico will pay for the wall.

I have a strong feeling he is going to go down the “National Security Emergency” route. Then he will demand that portions of the Defense budget be reallocated to building portions of the Wall. He will be sued and the courts will stop him. He will then say “See- I tried. But the liberals and the Obama Court just wants to see me fail.”

He can take a partial victory lap for fighting for the Base.

If I was Stephen Miller that’s probably what I would advise.