What should be the new normal?

I was thinking about what should be expected after der trumpengroper. I dont think we should use his reign of madness to yearn for what came before because what came before was in many ways what lead up to this. I dont think we should completely abandon the normal we experienced before this presidency, but in many ways we are facing a lot of what we projected outwards coming right back inwards.

This is a subject we could go on about for days, but off the top of my head (and without the benefit of caffeine)?

We as a society need to realign our attitude about celebrity culture, and discourage the worship of fame.


Revolution should be the new normal.

I agree, but it won’t happen. I couldn’t believe the coverage that stupid rapper got for fake yelling at the CBS lady.


Its a nice idea, but how would you propose to do this? It seems like any active step on the govt’s part would run into the same constitutional barriers as discouraging political parties (something I personally believe has been more damaging to our nation over time than celebrity worship).

I’ll preface what I’m going to say - I suspect there is a difference between what SHOULD be the new norm and what will be the new norm. I say that because after the nomination and election of Trump, I’ve kind of lost faith in many voters to make responsible decisions. Anyway - as far as what we SHOULD make the new norm:

  1. Character should matter. If this presidency has shown us anything, it shows that there will be no leadership where there is massively lousy character.
  2. We need a president with the maturity to treat the presidency with the respect and dignity it deserves. The presidency is a role that has the potential to be a position that can make the US a “city on a hill” - a nation that can be an example of what other nations should aspire to follow.
  3. We need a president who will rise above partisan politics and govern in an impartial fashion (as much as possible) and lead in a way that it will inspire others to come together to make decisions.

There are other factors that I think are important - but these are 3 that I think are really key to making a good start.


It’s scary to think what Trump would be capable of if he wasn’t so ignorant, brash and shady. I mean, look at the unconditional support he is recieving from certain segments of our population based soley on the fact that he ran as a Reublican candidate.

The voters really dont have much of a say in presidential elections.

I wouldn’t involve the government in this.

That said, beyond trite platitudes about changing hearts and minds I really don’t know how you get enough people to want that change that it reaches critical mass. Americans love their celebrities, and that’s something that transcends partisanship, race, class, and gender. The Age of Idiocy and the Age of Kardashian are one and the same.

How do we make it so citizens see the vacuous nature of it all, and hold it in slight regard? Starts in the home, I suppose. People have to want something different, and until that happens get ready for (among other things) another POTUS as vapid and incompetent as Trump.

A president could have most of those qualities and yet still project the same inhumanity outwards. We have a tendency to be complacent as long as we are not the ones suffering.

Right there.

This level of discourse.

That’s the new normal.


Lol that is nothing new and you know it.

The new norm is flagrant and in your face corruption and dishonesty. I’m not naive that I’m not aware these things haven’taways existed, but the veil is now lifted and there Is not to even an effort to pretend to hide it.

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That is very true. I am looking for what people would like to see after Trump.

What should be the new normal?

Any President can declare a National Emergency for whatever they want.

Any President can put their children into high ranking position in his administration.

Any President can order citizens be detained and questioned based on the job they have.

Any candidate for the office of President can refuse to disclose any financial information.

Any President can give their friends and relatives the highest security clearance, even if Intelligence agencies deem these people security risks.

Any President can use the office as a means to make money for themselves and/or their businesses.

Any President can be an agent of a hostile foreign government.

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Lol…Let’s bring up some oldies but some goodies, shall we?

Ronnie Raygun

Throwing shade at political opponents by hurling perjorative nicknames has existed since before the founding of our nation.

Nothing new about that…you’re just butt-sore because the target of such names is your new messiah.


And those 3 didn’t fall by the wayside with Trump.

I think a great start would be to stop listening to pundits.


The new norm for conservatives is not caring about the debt or family values. The new norm for Democrats is underestimating the power of personality (or lack of).

Currently their influence is almost certainly disproportionate to their actual benefit.

I think everyone should keep a digital copy of the constitution on their phone and read the dang thing once in a while.

If we had a more constitutionally saavy population who understood their rights as citizens perhaps we wouldn’t end up with politicians like Trump.