What should be done

At this point, the outcome of the Election is no longer in doubt.

Dept of Homeland security days it was the most free and fair Election in US history.

The courts have thrown out all lawsuits minus one that effects about 9,000 votes in PA only.

Trump’s lawyer have not alleged fraud in any current lawsuits

The State, even those run by Trump allies have said there is no evidence of any fraud and they will be certifying Election results on time.

However Trump continues to tweet dulisional thoughts and his minions continue to buy it thinking somehow they the burdon of proof is on Biden to prove no fraud (It’s not, but even if it was, it’s been done).

Obviously not starting the transition could harm the country, so what do we do?

We don’t need Trump to consede, it’s actually a bit humorous that he won’t.

But we do need the GSA to file the paperwork and for agencies to move forward with transition.

So ideas?

Sure, the country could wait until a states certify, but Trump supporters will say “not until electors are appointed” and then it will be “not until electors vote” and then it will be “not until congress accepts it” and by then it’s early Jan and the country will suffer from a 2 weeks transfer.

So what should be done with a dulisional President?

Keep appointing federal judges.


He should keep running the country until the inauguration and doing what he was elected to do.

By the way tweeting nonsense was partially what he was elected to do. That needs to be remembered.

Trump’s lawyer have not alleged fraud in any current lawsuits

Thought that needed to be repeated.


And he will be.

But what about ensuring a smooth transition.
I have to believe that even Trump supporters don’t want the US to suffer harm due to not having a smooth transition

The Biden admin filed a lawsuit in order to force the commencement of the transition period

Did they? Do you have a link to that?
Or are you saying they should?

(Not being sarcastic or questioning, just haven’t seen it)

Trump is not going to stop claiming conspiracies against him. He has hired his top conspiracy theorists to push his rhetoric and false claims. I expect him to be singularly focused on trying to create doubt on the election.

Some people need to grow a spine and call this out for what it is. His allies that know what is happening and needs to speak up. It’s not an easy task because any ally that speaks up about this will be attacked by Trump and his supporters, but it is their duty at this point.


The country is going to suffer irreparable harm under Biden anyway and more so when Comrade Kamala takes over. So, why wait until the inauguration?

Then make that argument. So far that isn’t the argument being made. The only argument being made is that the election was rigged.

Biden said he’s good. The transition has started.

He’s getting good advice.

For now.

I’m thinking weeks from now.

It’ll be fine.


As long as Trump’s various enablers do nothing…nothing can be done.

Biden will have to muddle along as best he can with little to no help…what issues stem from this will happen.

And Trump supporters and Republicans will blame Biden for whatever happens.


Sure it will. What could go wrong…

Not much.

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I am trying to find the link i could have sworn i saw them filing suit for release of transition funds. I think it was posted by @Jezcoe at one point but i could be way off

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Yes, get on with life.

The next four years under a Biden administration is going to be an economic set back for a lot of folks in this country.

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If you find it let me know.

I know there was a article about them weighing if they should. Perhaps it was that?

It is a option

I didn’t link to anything.

Everyone knows that it is coming next week some time.