WHAT’S WRONG WITH NANCY? Pelosi Calls 9/11 TERROR ATTACK an ‘Incident,’ Slams GOP | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows across the nation Thursday when she bizarrely referred to the devastating 9/11 terror attacks as an “incident,’ claiming the Democratic Party was actually stronger on border security than Republicans.

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Sean Nancy Pelosi is brain dead.The Democrats haven’t been strong on anything except stealing from the people,lying to the people and keeping down the people.It’s time she leaves.9-11 wasn’t an incident it was an attack on America.The windbag needs to retire.

Leave her alone for she is really a “secret agent from the Republican Party and the DOJ, DBI to spy on the Demcorat Party for possible collusion of the Democrat Party with the Chinese government, who hacked Hillary the last time”!!! She also is sabotaging the Democrat Party along with Maxine Waters to keep the Republican Congres because she does not want to be Demcorat Majority Leader because she cannot remember her own name and does not want to embarass herself!! She also wants to also run for the Republican Majority leader spot becasue the Demcorats are going to dump her anyway!!!

It was a False Flag condoned by the Bush’s and I have no doubt she was also involved.

If that were the case it’s organization and planning would have to go back to Clinton’s tenure because that’s when the pieces were being put in place by AQ and would have been set in motion probably assuming Gore would be President.

Now, one Clintonista on a talking head show after 9/11 was classless enough to say that the timing denied Clinton a chance to display his greatness … but that is arguably just the long running obsession the Clintons etc had with their legacy.

Ding, ding, ding, what do we have for him, Johnny?

Mind you, I don’t believe Clinton was behind planning 9/11 either. Failures happening that facilitated it began to accumulate (actually, we could probably trace the start of that process farther back, all the way to the Church Commission), but that’s not “planning”.

Sound like a conspiracy…

Only if all that “I’m you father’s” made Lone Star anything to Dark Helmet.

Buildings don’t collapse at freefall speed without the supporting structure below being blown out.

That doesn’t really require the federal government’s involvement in planning.

There arguably was, out among the “religion of peace” and various banking interest that had to be supporting AQ, lots of folks who would be adverse to not turning things to their advantage if they knew something was coming. All you’d need out of the federal is the complicity of individuals already in bed with them over missing Pentagon money desperate to not get caught.

Now, if the Clinton administration was in on that, well, there you get the motive for their involvement. Realize: as far as I’m concerned the Clintons are the only inhabitants of the WH to outdo LBJ for bring outright scum … so that’s not much of a “defense” in any of this.

… three buildings, btw.

Silverstein bought insurance on the buildings just before the attack and made out like a bandit.


Then Silverstein order building 7 to be pulled. The only porblem is when Silverstein made this order it would have been impossible to set the charges that quick. Setting charges on a building this size takes weeks.