What’s This About Pro Life Not Helping Children?

Anyone thinking like that care to explain this?

What’s this about those on the pro-life side not assisting children or families? Wanting to take away their assistance?

The Mendozas did not feel right about aborting their little girl, but a doctor encouraged Mrs. Mendoza to do it.

What? Where’s the so called choice in this matter? Had it not been for Mrs. Maldonado, Nelly would have been killed.

The pro choice movement is neither pro women nor pro choice. Maybe aviator & eugenics proponent Charles Lindbergh would be proud of “medical personnel” who push prenatal genetics testing and abortion on uninterested women, but I consider them an embarrassment. Ironically enough, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the men who pushed “choice” onto the Democratic Party platform, came to regret his participation in the movement & embraced the other side with a conversion to Roman Catholicism:

I have seen and heard many pro-lifers become adoptive and foster parents.

I am for adopting myself (I am most likely infertile anyway) and people here know the measures I want to see happen in order to give help to pregnant and parenting women who are struggling in order to reduce abortions. As well as services to kids- replace detention, teach kids to respect themselves and others, harsher penalties for rape. I could go on.

Abortion shouldn’t have to be an option.

Leftist media are trying to gin up how bad adoption is (for both the birth mother and the child).

Apparently it’s better to kill the baby than to live as an adopted child.

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Yeah this totally shows a lack of commitment to mothers and babies:

Anyone not touched at all by this story has a hardened heart:

That’s one of the arguments made by some leftists, that no one will want nonwhite infants.

The adoptive family must have missed that memo. If anyone has made adoption harder it’s those leftists through abortion “rights” and the idea that black infants in particular will fare better with black adoptive parents.

Keep the races separate, hmm, let’s see, which side is racist again?

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