What’s the difference between spike proteins and N-antibodies

Spike proteins are generated to help the immune system via covid vax
But not N-antibodies.

Help this layman please in understandable terms.

Thanks in advance


I would write a letter to Dr Jill Biden or Dr Anthony Fauci. Although Dr Biden is not a real medical doctor, maybe she can translate it into layman’s terms

Here is an article that is not to hard to understand.

If you wear a mask and get quarterly booster shots, and follow President Biden’s orders you should be ok.

Spike proteins you will see on enveloped viruses, and there are different types depending on what they are made of. The ones that have a sugar are called “glycoproteins”- hence the root word shared with “glycogen.”

Some are transmembrane, meaning they take root inside the lipid membrane envelope, others simply protrude from the membrane surface.

N-protein is short for nucleocapsid protein. It is the protein that makes up the hard shell covering the virus’ genetic material. It is a structural protein, rather than a receptor protein. Here is a picture to give a visual:


Also, there are no “N- antibodies” as that’s not a type of antibody (immunoglobulin). The types of antibodies are IgG, IgM, IgE, IgA, and IgD.

Hope this helps! I am trying not to be condescending as I only want to help. It’s important to know this stuff and I am happy to share what I have learned. :blush:

Additionally, antibodies are formed by the body in response to seeing the spike proteins. They are complimentary to a foreign receptor, and are specific to that receptor. Antibodies are proteins themselves that “tag” a pathogen to mark it for destruction by a T-cell, macrophage, or natural killer cell, and others. This can cause agglutination, or clogging, in the blood.

Thus, this vaccine is “active” immunity in which it causes the body to make its own antibodies. In contrast to something like the monoclonal antibody therapy, which is passive and provides its own antibodies. The vaccine is mRNA, which provides information for only the spike proteins. One has to remember that proteins are made from mRNA.

Is this making sense?

Yet I read this.

Hence my confusion.


Key word “anti.” :slight_smile: