What Ohr Really Told Lawmakers: Russians have Trump “Over a Barrel”

Hellllloooo Friday.

Trump has been screaming about Ohr and Steele (among others) for months now. Now we know why.

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Just a comment about these types of posts/OPs. Really wish people would provide more commentary/discussion material rather than just posting a link.

I read the article linked, and there is lots of good information there, but I’m not going to start a discussion on it if the OP isn’t going to.

Keeping it real, Pizza!

Here’s a question to discuss. Do they have Trump on money stuff, pedophile stuff or both.

There’s a reason pizzagate happened. These fake scandals aren’t selected at random.

I would guess money. No large American bank has done business with Trump for years and Eric admitted the Trump Organization has been getting money from Russia for years. At least he did until Donald told him to shut up about it.

So that’s why Trump has it out for him…

I shall bare (bear?) that in mind and add more next time.

As for this one, it’s worth noting that everything we’ve gotten so far about the Ohr interview was a slim fee “Aha!”s and “GOTCHAS!” that came from the usual clown shows like Gym Jordan ect. It’s pretty clear that Ohr had a lot more to say, and it’s unfortunate that none of the Democrats were theee to refute the usual claptrap.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone if Russia has a ton of Kompromat on Trump - he’s been entangled with Russia and various levels of crime for decades. The real question is, why did we let him because President, and what the hell do we do now?

The way Trump has let Russia of the hook should tell anyone with a brain that he’s been compromised.

It’s “bear” - as in bear a burden, or bear a child.

Thank you. My grammar failed me and I was feeling too lazy to google.

Ironically, one of the things they really look at when you are going through the security clearance is any foreign influence that you may be entangled with, including - among other things - financial interests. A lot of debt to foreign people or institutions is a red flag.

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I would really really like to see the transcripts released from Ohr’s meeting with Congress.


And Trump refused to show us anything and voters let him off the hook.

If Trump is really massively compromised, congress will have to pass legislation to prevent future presidents like him.

Same here. Especially because Democrats are saying that Ohr showed how he completely followed protocol to a “T” with his interaction regarding Steele.

Honestly, I’d recommend requiring any candidate for president to acquire top secret clearance before they can be approved as a candidate. That alone would reduce the chances of something like that happening in the future.

You would have to change the constitution. It spells out the requirements to be president. No more can be required.

Yeah, that would require an amendment. Not sure if it will ever pass all the hoops required there, but I think it would be a good idea given the nature of the information a president has to deal with.

I wonder if these mentally deficient folls who have been buying the pedophilia crap would care if it turns out Trump had sex with under age girls?

Falwell and his ilk would probably say at least they are girls.

Someone would take advantage of it. Someone like Trump. The security clearance would have to be approved by the previous administration right? I can see someone like Trump trying to make sure a potential candidate wouldn’t pass a security clearance. Even if it meant changing rules.

I can be guilty of this too, although some of the news coming out there really is not much to say. I feel like battle lines have been drawn people are hard set on what they believe and now it is really just about absorbing what is coming out.

I was getting out my crankiness for the day. :slight_smile:

But seriously. It used to be frowned upon in the old forum, posting links with no commentary. I think it gets a pass here because links now give a line or two from the article. But a line or two from the article doesn’t really provide much for discussion, and honestly sometimes I’m not even sure if the poster has even read their own link or just is posting based on the title.

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