What news media do you consume?

I’d be interested to know - and I hope others will be also - just what news media (radio news, talk radio, newspapers, internet mainstream papers, internet propaganda news sites, etc - the people here consume before making their judgements on a particular issue.

There have been a few studies done that show that people will believe news that corresponds with their previously held beliefs, and disbelieve news that contradicts what they think they know. (It’s called the Confirmation Bias (Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds | The New Yorker))

So the question is what is your political affiliation, and for any news story you see - regardless of its source - do you doublecheck with it one, two or even more different sources, or do you accept it as gospel if it comes from a source you trust (and why do you trust that source) and do you dismiss it if it comes from a source that you do not trust (and why don’t you trust it).

For myself, I’m a Republican considering becoming an Independent.

My home page is Google News and I dig deeper into headlines that interest me using internet sources. I trust mainstream media and while I read other sources - the propaganda sites like Breitbart - I don’t trust them. (Many years ago I used to go to the front page of the Savage news site. Every single article had some pejorative title telling how awful something was that a Democrat had done. When I clicked on the article if was always something innocuous. Their plan was clearly to influence people who only read - and believed - headlines - rather than reading through the complete article.

I always check multiple sources because I have been caught in the past - more than once - believing and making judgments based on the first article read…only to find out later on that I didn’t have all the facts. I’ve learned my lesson about that.

Define “news”

Whatever gore, feelings of helplessness, or gossip girl BS that gets aired on corporate TV tonight is minuscule compared to every other positive thing that happened in America today, but if it bleeds, it leads, and there are people who will lap it all up and decide the world is ending.

The BBC is my regular go to for news. Politico and Axios are also on my list.

I do read Breibart and Fox News but to be honest I find their reporting very simplistic and click baity.

I find that when wanting to learn more about a news story or issue ir is more useful to do a search based on keywords which are opposite to my own beliefs and thoughts.

I watch too much cable news but now that the nba season has started I’m giving it up. I’m more of a moderate that gets annoyed by politicians in general but lean democrat. I try to remain skeptical over what gets reported, I don’t pay much attention to random internet sites on either side, I have no interest in what breitbart is talking about. Even reading this forum is mostly a bad idea and just slightly addictive enough to continue. Orange man bad memes are really thought provoking.

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Sometimes I listen to NPR.

Mostly I get my news from this message board - I’ll hear about a story here, then google it and read a few stories on it.

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Hi Alex,

I have to say this…I’m in my mid 60’s and grew up on talk radio back in the KDKA Pittsburgh Radio talk show days. I’ve always been a fan of any station that let’s the people speak their mind. I remember listening to a host (John Cigna?) talking about Bingo in the churches. I go to the wikipedia site and it’s not what I remember, except that g’mint and corps are taking over.

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good thread

because most “news” is nothing but driving narrative and echo chambers

pay less attention to what people say about what people do and say, and more attention to what people actually do and say

john cigna… back when journalists were actually journalists and not leftist narrative criers.

what people think is “news” is nothing of the sort. i was beginning to see this in the 80’s when the nimrods at CNN could never bring themselves to say anything but negative about Reagan


NPR carries this notion that listeners are somewhat more “enlightened”

but that’s ■■■■■■■■■ they are hardcore leftist parrots of the first order.

please realize this

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You didnt answer the question of this thread.

What news media do you consume?

I wish this had been left in politics where it belongs.

People are voiting for their favorite party - and it seems clear that a certain percentage have a “Confirmation Bias.”

Any news media that goes against their politicians is worthless.

It would have been interesting to compare news stories from the different medias, see how each one is framed due to the political bias (if any) of the reporting media.

Anyone - for example Six Foot - want to talk about Trump’s actions regarding Syria and Turkey for the last three weeks? What news have you consumed and what does it tell you about Trump’s actions and their consequences?

Same with the Trade War story. What news have you been consuming, and do you double check it?

(The same question goes to those who believe the Turks/Kurds actions were a debacle plain and simple. What news media tells you this and have you doublechecked it?)

Instead of arguing opinions, let’s share what the different medias are actually saying on each topic.

Maybe then this can be moved back to Politics.

perhaps you didnt see my first post in the thread

You mean this one?

…where you didn’t answer the question.

well reread it. you’ll see i didnt name any “news media”

Yes. You didn’t name any news media.

Which means you didn’t answer the question.

here are some things i hope everyone realizes…

most sources are leftist. including (especially) the internet

google is leftist. this is now a foregone conclusion

so called “truth meter” politifact and snopes nonsense is not unbiased.

and major sources on the internet are little more than click bait ■■■■■■■■

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With the internet today, there is a wide variety of “sources”. Not all are created equal. The best sources – The New York Times and Washington Post – adhere strictly to journalistic standards. News is not the bad news/good news formula critics like to throw out. Facts rule here. It’s a complicated formula that means that the news isn’t always what you want to read.

Cable news and infotainment has complicated the formula. Even there, not all are created equal. Some are better than others, some way better. Network news also adheres to this. Cable news, because of its wider spread, does too, but in a smaller percentage of its airtime because of its reliance on pundits. And even there, the facts and accuracy can be different. The regular pundits on CNN and MSNBC, where many are from the news orgs reporting their own stories, rely on facts. Opinion pundits on those stations and Fox much less so. Unfortunately, many of the lesser informed confuse opinions with facts.

Your best sources – bottom line – are newspapers, where stories are vetted as a matter of course. Not saying cable TV doesn’t, but the opinion clouds the atmosphere there.

Add: I subscribe to the NYT and Wash Post and watch MSNBC.

…you still haven’t answered the question.

What are you afraid of?

i have. you just dont see “fox news” so are confused

No. You have not answered the question.

It’s right there in the title of this thread: What news media do you consume?

Why are you afraid to answer?