What makes libs tick?

Why do they need someone to hate, whether it’s a group, race or even a family member. Their always seems to be some excuse to hate someone regardless who or what they done in life. Or when they don’t have the right think…they must be doxxed, humiliated and ostracized from family or society.

This question is somewhat personal for me…I don’t mind if I’m the target of this individual angry bitter old man (badge of honor)…but when this individual target a family member who had done more to fight covid and save lives then 99.999 percent of people in this country…only to be excluded from family Thanksgiving.

What makes a person like this tick? Inquiring minds want to know.

I hope I’m not out of line here…but I really want to know. Why such hatred? Resentment and anger?


You’re just commenting on human nature. People on both sides of the isle can be hateful, it’s not a trait that only “libs” have.

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I call it the lib gene. It is unique among them.

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You say this while there are two threads accusing people of being pedophiles because they support gay people.


I don’t need someone to hate myself, I guess because I am an independent and second, I am one hell of a guy. It is hard to be humble.

Now, we got a real baffoon at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I don’t hate ol’ One Horse, I feel sorry for him. Old, senile, a storefront with puppet masters.

Bro Conan, we better pray for our federal republic and the safety of all of us.


Poor gene pool, may I add.

I wouldn’t exclude a family member because that individual happens to be gay.

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Hate is everywhere. It’s what people do to demean others that are not of their tribe. It’s as old as sand. And it will always be.

You people, we people, the people. God Bless America.

I like you Bosun, but it’s not about America. It’s about humanity.

Yup, it’s an awful part of the human condition. People will tribe up, and find reasons to hate the other.

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That’s good.

I think your OP should be about hate on both sides. Why that is and what we can do about it.

Personally I don’t hate anyone… I dislike illogical arguments and the lack of critical thinking that I see in most conservatives. Most conservatives are black and white… there is no grey. Life if grey and I find that libs see more grey.

I think libs push too much… don’t know when to let up and take a breath. Far left Libs may hate conservatives because they don’t move as fast as they do on issues… particularly social ones. Libs need to learn to lead by influence and not force.



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Why do people tribe up? It’s life. Organisms want to live, but resources are finite. So there is conflict. The knowledge or our own mortality has made that more difficult. States expand at the expense of other states to co-opt resources for survival. But total mass stays constant. This dynamic will play our forever. This thesis can be expanded. It’s called the Dark Forest.

Hard to tell what you’re describing exactly, but sorry to hear about it.

I take family loyalty very seriously and it would take a truly personal betrayal by one of them for me to shun them in any way. Everything else is manageable. Familia super omnia.


That’s interesting post you made there.

1 You claim lack of critical thinking interest me, why? Because they don’t express similiar views that you have? How is that being a critical thinker?

2 this one is very is very interesting to me.

Being a critical thinker yourself I’ll let you think on that one for a bit. :grin:

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If you can’t put political difference aside for family members then IMO one should rethink their political position.


If you are talking to me, I’m talking about evolution. Quite Darwinian. It characterizes life on earth. Oddly, the earth would not be in its current condition without life.

Exactly. Family is the first tribe. Always.

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