What isn't fake news to you?

Get it from varied sources, and find the common threads. Someone listening to talk radio is just the same as someone who only reads The NY Times.

Somewhat. Talk radio whether it be Hannity or Maddow is a worse source for news than the Times IMO. Sure the Times leans left editorially, but do you think it’s all ‘fake news’?

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The Times is hard left editorially. That’s the newspaper staff. I take it as a leftist newspaper.

Except the guy that only reads the NYTimes is right sometimes.

Does that mean to that every story is simply made up? What about a right leaning one like WSJ?

No, not every story is made up. But definitely a left-leaning angle and influence.

Hyperbole to rally the base…who does this…who…

I’ve been through this with lefties on multiple occasions. If you have to ask, then nothing I can say or do will answer your question.

But in a nutshell.

That is how Trump talks and interacts with people. He is rough around the edges and street smart. He is a braggard and talks in hyperbole. He exaggerates, and is boisterous. He is a narcissist.

He relates to people in a way no polished PC politician could ever hope to do. Ordinary people relate to him because he comes across as one of them.

I’ve read two of his books and have watched him closely since he first announced. I’ve reviewed countless interviews, and I’ve discovered that what you see is what you get.

A large swath of this great country gets him and they love him. Lefties hate him and will never get him.

So here we are.

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Trump! :wink:

OK, then you don’t really think it’s all ‘fake news’? It’s just hyperble.

In a nutshell, you didn’t answer the question. Is that what you meant by nothing you could say would answer the question?

That said, your answer doesn’t indicate any line between hyperbole and lies. You accept it all as hyperbole.

Have I misunderstood your answer?

But not ‘fake news’?

Heavily biased news, but not fake.

It’s all fake news if it reports that Trump lied because it’s not lies, it’s hyperbole. That was my take. I waiting for clarification.

What isn’t fake news? Les Nessman on WKRP is trustworthy

Trump loves fake news so much that he gets annoyed when journalists called what he liked, what was fun, fake news. He wanted to turn the tables and call them fake news and it worked like sending private investigators to Hawaii worked.

Yes, as I predicted you would.

Well that’s because you didn’t answer the question asked.

So you don’t accept it all as hyperbole? Where is that line between hyperbole and lies?

I find it humorous that the discussion takes the same predictable turn each and every time.

Do you honestly believe I will give you the time of day if continue to repeat your question over and over again?

I provided a succinct response that very clearly articulates my position. Whether or not you are satisfied with my response is of no concern to me.

What are some less biased sources you opinion?