What isn't fake news to you?

First thing Trump did at rally was call the entire press gaggle fake news. It got a huge cheer.

This is a straight forward question. I’m really interested in the answer to the OP.

If your answer is “it’s all fake” then how do you get the information to form your opinions?

Why do you believe people like Limbaugh and Hannity or other sources are less fake then NY Times and WAPO?


Anything that Trump doesn’t like.


Maybe, but I’m trying to understand how people I disagree with see the world soooooo much differently than I do with the same information out there.

Anything that is not factual is fake news.

When CNN named their network after the Clintons I knew I would never be able to take them seriously anymore.


ReAlly…when did that happen?

They’re the Clinton News Network (CNN). I believe they rebranded the network in the early 90s.

Really? Never have I once heard CNN call themselves that. I think that must be fake news.

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Because people…all people…including you…including me…start with base assumptions that by first intent you try to confirm with evidence rather than to be more scientific and falsify it.

Even trained scientists do this as a first intent.

It’s hard work to do the opposite…to assume you should work to falsify that which resonates with your beliefs.

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If something were true Trump would tell me.

Fake News has become a catch all for any media that goes against one’s established bias. In the last decade or so news media has evolved more into “infotainment” which only perpetuates and exacerbates the problem. How? By discouraging critical consumption in the name of partisan bias confirmation.

Look, there’s no media (foreign or domestic) that is utterly objective. They all have agendas. But what’s damaging is when media (and the POTUS himself) actively discourages consumers from absorbing information with a critical eye, and instead promotes the mentality that no media is accurate or approaches objectivity unless it confirms one’s partisan views. That’s where the citizenry damages itself - by refusing to adhere to that mentality, and instead blithely absorbing information passively with the binary mindset of “I agree with this, therefore it must be true/I disagree, therefore it’s fake news.”

As to the OP question, I look to multiple domestic and foreign sources of media (the latter is good for getting away from a specific bias that US partisan bickering generates). I’m not certain but I’d say NPR and BBC are the two largest sources, since that’s what I tune in to during my work commute.

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In regards to Trump and his supporters here is what I see. There are many Reporters who have contacts within the West Wing. So they get a tip about something inside the White House and make a report. However they preface it with “Sources within the White House tell me”. Trump doesn’t like it so he calls it fake news. But what is interesting is the number of times the White House press office is asked about the tip and won’t comment. This happens a lot.

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I too relay on multiple sources. If their stories jive then it gets a lot more weight. It has also been interesting to watch Fox News when something negative on Trump hits. In the past Fox News has delayed the story as long as they possibly can. And then sometimes bury it deep in the broadcast and limit it to a line or two. They will only move it up if it gains a lot of traction.

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It’s easy to understand why Trump does it. All the best despots marginalize the press and set themselves up as the only reliable purveyor of truth.

In a society that still has a free press and freedom of thought it’s more difficult to understand why people would fall for it.

I’m the same as you dude confused? what is fake news?? is it just biased media only bringing up certain topics? if cnn mbc etc Is fake news what is fox hannity? etc is it just the right wing news bias?

They are so clouded by their bias that they don’t see how blinded they are. This is why I only trust sites like infowars to get my facts. Even fox news is too liberal lately. Town halls for democrats is the definition of fake news.

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Hyperbole to rally his base and generate Trump bashing threads like this one.

Rush and Sean are talk show hosts, not journalists. :wink:

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Where do you draw the line between hyperbole and out and lies? Do you believe Trump when he calls out fake news? If so, how you know it’s fake?

I’m asking because how can we possibly talk about anything unless we have a common set of facts or at places we can believe most of the time.

There’s no objective news source.

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As I asked in OP, then how do you decide on the truth? Do you believe the news is as fake as Trump claims?