What is your favorite hero dies movie?

Yes but the director’s ending is the more “conservative” ending lol.

All time fav

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Didn’t Clive Owen die in “Children of Men”? That would be one of my favs


Michael Douglas…I’ll let you guys guess which movie while I’m away. :wink:

War of the Roses?


He was the hero in that one, though. :rofl:

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LOL…at the end she still thrown his arm off of her.

Oh hell…Falling down.

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Spartacus!!! :rofl:

That was Kirk Douglas.

Will Smith ------ Seven Pounds

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Good movie.

Jackson did a really good job with the source material.

The Customer is Always Right.

I did get a little choked up towards the end of 300. lol

Yeah I’m tied with “Children of Men” and “Glory”.

You see Douglas as the hero of that film? You realize he was going to kill his wife and daughter at the end right?

The hero isn’t dead, but he might as well be in one of my favorite movies “Brazil”


William Holden - Bridge on the River Kwai
Toshiro Mifune - Seven Samurai


In film:
Lots that were already mentioned, plus:
Big Fish
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Turner and Hooch
The Green Mile

In television:
Breaking Bad
The Sopranos
The Good Place
The Wire (Omar is the most heroic character)