What is your church doing to revitalize Christianity in yoru neighborhood?

I’ve glanced over a few polls that say that today’s generation is less religious than their parents. (And less polite and less well-educated, too, but that’s a rant for a different thread.)

Why is your church/religious representative doing to engage today’s generation in your locale?

Just do it. My church isn’t a, “non-action just talking about it”, type church.

Okay, my church is located in a mostly middle class area. We do a lot in regards to clothing drives, toy drives, food delivery, and transportation for our seniors. However, each ministry and group at the church are required to do community outreach which spans from our county to pretty much all over the state of Maryland and D.C. With well over a 120 ministries and groups, from the Helps ministry to the photography ministry to the boy and girl scouts to the each choir. All are required to do at least 3 community outreach events each year. For example, a group that my oldest son belong to which is a preteen mentoring group raked leaves and did yard work for several homes lived in by elderly members of our community.

We have workshops, classes, conferences, forums, town halls to help people with addictions, victims of sexual abuse, those on the verge of suicide, people with spiritual strongholds, marriage problems, fertility issues, wellness conferences for the community at large, town halls on how to handle problems in our school system, dealing with hood violence and police abuse, etc. All of this is open to the entire community, you don’t have to be a member of the church and guess what? It’s all of is free. In fact you don’t even have to be saved, however through our ministries the end goal is to be a blessing and lead folks to Christ. If not, at least the seed was planted and hopefully landed on good soil(see the parable of the 4 soils).

I don’t go to church but the ones that I see are successful are ones that have those big rooms for like 1500 people, have bands, and kind of put on a show. One place just opened a $6million facility. Young people dont want to sit on a bench and listen to some old guy read from a book. It has to be entertaining.

The question is actually what are Christians doing to spread the Gospel and if you abide in Christ, your life witnesses for you.

Actually I wasn’t thinking of what people are doing individually, but what there local church is doing to get more people to come in.

(I’m not saying that an individual can’t “lead someone to Christ”, but for this thread I was thinking more along the lines of what organized Christianity in the shape of churches were doing.)