What is With the 2020 dimocrats Attempting To Stifle Free Speech

First you have biden out there telling all of the networks not to put Rudy on the air.

Then kamala harris tells twitter to suspend trump.


Is this the dimocrats vision for the future of America??

That’s two of their top 2020 candidates.


Everyone likes free speech until someone says something they don’t like.


This isn’t a free speech issue.

Trump should have been banned from Twitter years ago for violating TOS and because an American company like Twitter should realize it’s in their best interest to stop the president from conducting foreign and trade policy via microblogs.

Trump has shaved percentages off the DOW just by getting riled up and tweeting crazy about trade.

Hell I told twitter to suspend Trump. Several times. If I said the stuff he says…I would have my account suspended. Just another example of being above the rules. IN my Opinion.


If I didn’t know any better libs believe in censorship.


That’s why I love the Hannity forums, I can say anything I want here without anyone trying to use their power to shape what I say.


So, Twitter terms of service should be designed to direct US government policy in a direction that Twitter believes will maximise stockmarket profits?

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Twitter doesn’t have that power.

Actually, they do. At the moment. They can adjust their terms of service to achieve whatever goal they want to. They are a private company.

They don’t.

Or someone they don’t like decides to talk. Like the member here the other day that complained about Hillary Clinton doing a book tour.

Moldy soapbox. lol

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telling lies about Biden - in effect, committing slander.


Is that all it takes? Tell the networks someone is saying mean things about me?

You don’t seem to have a problem with other lies the networks tell about other people. Particularly if they are o the other side of the isle.

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She is a United States Senator from the state in which that company has it’s headquarters.

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These people are sick!


Does that make it a free speech issue?

Does it change things?

If they keep going at this rate, we’re gonna see a horde of masked antifa thugs crashing the stage on October 15.

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That’s what I’m trying to find out from you.