What is the trend?

@SneakySFDude there was a thread where a “trend” is mentioned

What is that trend?

I am earnestly asking for clarification.


No response? Hmmm

The possible trend, and I truly hope it isn’t so, is that of derisively using religion to attack specific posters and then others jumping on board.

We’ve been watching it for a while, it has been flagged and let go as one-offs in the heat of political discussions and the more permissive philosophy. It appears to have gone beyond that.

Again, we hope it hasn’t.

The intent behind the hints is to give members an opportunity to change course early. To let you know what may be concerning us before it becomes official. Take them in the spirit in which they are intended, please. They are not a debate.

We realize not every member is going to see every hint or understand the context of it. Hence the reason we may refer one back to a hint.

If you have a question about it, PM or here, not in the thread. It is not a debate. You either take it or you don’t.

Let me be clear, we have discussed this and are in agreement. We will not permit religion to be used to beat members over the head. Not in any fashion. Not Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other. One-offs are one thing. Jokes are one thing. But constant mocking references at a specific member becomes targeting and personal.

Define constant: It’s not a one-off, it’s out of context, and the bandwagon is jumped on. It becomes serial. Who decides? The staff.

No action was taken in this specific case precisely for the reasons above.

We aren’t going to have a debate about it. If you’re doing it, stop. If you aren’t, make sure you don’t.

We also realize that when giving a hint, the line between poster and moderator can seem a bit blurred. If we need to give “official hints” we can do that, but that elevates it and I for one would rather not. This seems to be working rather well, we have become more civil over all and self-correcting some. Which was the intent.

The question to ask yourself may be, “Do I really want to escalate this or should I de-escalate?” Then reply. Me personally, I love seeing that little heart light up on a hint.

The last issue and this may just be me: if I do you the courtesy of helping you by making a suggestion, I think it is ill-advised to turn around and repeat my suggestion to you to somebody else while denying you did anything wrong and claiming you do not understand. Whether that is your intent or not, it comes across as mocking. Another hint. De-escalation.

So in summary:
Take hints in the spirit in which they are intended. Or don’t. They are for your benefit.

Don’t mock or try to be clever in response. Impact vs. Intent.

If the shoe fits, wear it. If not don’t put it on. Just be aware.

Hints are not a debate.

“Who me?!” Doesn’t work.

While we’re chatting, “likes”. “Liking” a blatant violation can be seen as encouraging the violation. Expect to get called on it at moderator discretion. I understand a lot of people won’t like it. It’s one of those “oh well” things.

I hope I have addressed your concerns and clarified the issue. I will leave this open for a while in case. If it devolves into denial and debate, I will delete and lock.

It’s not personal. It’s never personal.

Mod Note

Not helpful and you knew better. Trolling. Consider yourself warned.

In the thread in question there was a reference to “two Corinthians” which is not a jab at religion but at the President’s gaffes at expressing the the basic tenets of faith.

Are things like that part of the trend?

Would this trend and question of giving a likes to things be updated in the TOS or is this by Mod discretion?

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Obama was referred to as our “messiah” for 8 years, can we use that type of language when referring to Trump supporters?

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Religion on the right is very much used as the rational for many of their political foundations. They are intertwined.

Calling out hypocrisy in politics is very much relevant especially when such political views are claimed to be derived from their religion

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Question on “likes” now being moderated. Can posters flag a “like” they consider to be liking a violation?


Does this also apply to mods who label atheists as miserable?


Is saying “no response” or “no reply” now trolling? I am genuinely curious.

And there was a hint reference a hint given in response. Raising awareness of something that might have been missed.

Is this too complicated? Because if it is it won’t work.

I look for first blood. Your post on “technically illegal” generated the response reference religion.

Ok, who is making the “technically illegal” argument?

The same member referenced in the hint from yesterday.

Ok, remind on the hint.

Everybody here will take an ok post and add 10% to it until it is not ok. Hint before it gets not ok.

Most posts are not made in isolation. Yours was ok, his needed a hint. Take it or don’t.

Likes is mod discretion. I will be.

Read the my explanation above.

Likes are not being moderated. Encouraging poor behavior may be called out.

What sense does it make to do that?

Sure. Is “messiah” specific to a religion? Can you beat the same poster over the head with it over and over and jump on the bandwagon? I would advise against it.

First blood is a strange way to put things.

Is that a subjective standard left to mod discretion or will it be spelled out in a TOS.

What if an honored guest feels that a Mod has drawn first blood?

Is there recourse to that or is it left to mod discretion?

I am seriously not trying to ruffle feathers here, I am just looking for clear direction on this.

I put this back.

This is a perfect example of “Who me!?!” I referenced above. Let’s make a deal, you don’t treat me like you think I’m stupid and I’ll do you the same courtesy. We aren’t children.

Thanks. It was a genuine follow on question from the change in rules of the forum that liking a post that is later deemed a violation the person who liked the post will face a sanction.

Does this also apply if someone ironically likes a post?

This all sounds like religious right cancel culture to me. If you’re going to use your religion as a bssis for rationalizing your politics, then why cant we point out hypocrisy?

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First blood is a military term. Call it dirty hands, where it started, whatever.

It is a subjective standard for hints. Violations are spelled out in the TOS. You seem to be treating hints the same as actual sanctions?

Then you flag it, PM management, or bring it in here. Mod evaluation is handled by the administrator. We discuss things among ourselves as well. Look for feedback, opportunities to improve. He will evaluate and make the necessary adjustments on us. Understand you may never know what the result is.

I’m not taking it as ruffling feathers. These are good questions. Good to have clarity.