What is the role/job function of the FBI?

This is not a area I know too much about. It’s my understanding that the FBI is considered an independent organization, correct? The FBI doesn’t work for the president or Congress, correct? So how does the FBI get involved in a case or matter? Also who decides what they get involved in?

The FBI does “work” for the President, in thr sense that they’re part of the DoJ, which is an Executive Branch agency.

Its not the president who decides what cases they are to investigate, is it?

No, not normally.

But if the President asks the AG to investigate something, they probably will.

He can’t just ask them to investigate anything that he wants? I would assume there would have to be certain requirements met?

It’s more complicated than that.

The President has the power, arguably, to order the AG to do whatever he wants.

Traditionally, they don’t, but the power is arguably there.

Aren’t the FBI involved in potentially hundreds of cases on a daily basis? It’s not the President who determines that? Regarding the President ordering the AG to investigate something, what would be an example?

Yes, and yes - the President does not normally have any input into the FBI’s investigations.

As for an example, here:


What he is alleging would be a Capital Offense, correct? Did the FBI take this case?

A lot of info on the FBI’s site

No, it’s not a “capital offense”.

As to whether the FBI is actually investigating it, we have no way of knowing. The FBI doesn’t share that information with the public.


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Seek and destroy R operatives wherever they may be found.

Most often traced to Walmart Supercenters and have a noxious odor that is difficult to miss.


I don’t know. Therefore, we should just shut the whole thing down.

Investigations into federal crimes…Be it the mafia/organized crime, cyber crimes, hate crimes, domestic terrorism, domestic WMDs, political corruption, typical white collar type crimes etc.
There is stuff like that happening everyday and agents and IA’s are working around the clock from field offices all over the country trying to resolve these crimes.
Folks would be surprised, they do a lot to keep us safe.

Folks are not sitting on their asses waiting to go after the first republican that commits a crime. LOL!

The role that libs would like the FBI to do is investigate cons and any other political enemies while simultaneously clear them of any wrong doing.

Now that they have been exposed hopefully that practice will end.

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…and Trump successfully brainwashes his do-nothing armchair activists to bravely dismiss, discredit, and belittle the thousands Of FBI agents putting on those jackets tomorrow morning to work hard on keeping them safe.

Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION. Its real easy if you look at the whole words.

You really believe that dont you. Aww dang.