What is the Antidote? Let's try this again

This diagram expresses a hypothesis on fears interaction on ignorance which creates hatred. I believe this to be what has happened in our political discourse in America today. I want to discuss the ways in which others view this.

What is the Fear in this diagram? And more importantly what is the antidote for hate

This comes from gyfcat.com/blaringagedhartebeest

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Shame we can’t paste the previous dialogue here, that had the beginnings of something good.

But to try and recap what I said before - ignorance is the worst component of that brew, because it allows the powers that be to manipulate people through fear.

I asked snow96. Didn’t get a response yet. My bad. I know better.

And see…I see the message as fear. I was saying to @Apocalypto that this wasn’t about Trump…but his message is on message every day. Because it is so consistent, that those not willing to stretch their intelligence and look for alternate messages and truths are actually ignorantly accepting of his message. I say the same goes for media on both sides.

I’m not sure fear and ignorance are not the same thing here. They fear what they don’t understand. Hate might be the worst of them…you can conquer fear and ignorance through education…hate? That’s a harder hill

Since you brought him up, Donald (or Donald’s speechwriter) knows that the easiest way to control people is through emotion, and the most efficient emotion to realize that control is fear. As I said, the game is making people afraid, and then telling them who to blame for that. If you keep people ignorant, keep them believing that complex problems have simple solutions, and keep them consuming, you’re light years ahead of the game.

Thanks for weighing in @Plasmaball, I’m looking at ignorance as the inability to independently look for what is the real truth. I look at fear as being the real reason for the message. Be it Trump’s message, the left’s message, the 24-hour news cycle’s message, or the message of social media and internet sources. The messages that have an agenda is what I see as fear. You have to be intelligent enough to go outside the message to find the truth. If not the message gets turned up higher and higher on the unintelligent, which creates the hate response.

It’s part of the reason I drive Conservatives so crazy here. I’m not accepting the message and as such I’m not afraid of the Horde coming thru Mexico, I’m not afraid of the disease that everyone was fear mongering last week. I do my own research on these things and have my own responses. I’m not mouthing what the message is. I have found what the truth is.

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I think this also so intelligently describes what i have been doing such a horrible job getting across for the past year. That fear (the message) is being so widely accepted that the ignorant can’t see past the message itself. Look past the message and seek the actual truth.


You arent wrong…fear is more to mask what they are doing behind their backs. You get mad at the caravan…you dont notice them fleecing you in the tax cuts. Or the tariffs.

Most people dont have the time nor care to go out side what they hear…they are in in for the fast food…not the sit down and talk for hours about policy…its been that way for a long time now…used to say it on the old board. We live in a fast food world. So its actually easier to get away with things now…

When I see people who have been around as long or longer than I have to fall for these messages… I can’t believe they believe what they post.

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I do…a lot of people still have or had some shred of an self conscious on here…they had that little thing that wouldn’t put them over the edge…mostly it was a warning from the mods. I saw this with that abortion murder in kansas… a lot of people pushing that edge wanting to say they where glad he was killed…
They didnt want to handle the moral backlash they may have gotten…behind the scenes? They didn’t care.

Unfortunately you’re one of the few.

It’s late-ish. I’ll be interested to see what discussion happens here tomorrow.

My dad taught journalism. Taught me a thing or two about getting to the truth.

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For most people, facts are boring, fear and hate are more exciting and unfortunately, I have no solution for this conundrum.

This is a good thread you started here, see you tomorrow.

Like I said…my sister posted this on FB and it suddenly made sense to me. It explained my own frustration with what gets posted here sometimes.

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Your entire opposition to Trump is based on emotion.

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