What is the Antidote? Let's try this again

And many of them were but it has become far too dangerous, largely due to our own actions in Central America going all the way back to the fifties and well into the eighties.

Aha! America is to blame. Can we get a picture or vid of Obama apologizing for our heinous actions in Honduras.

I have never played the blame America game. In this particular instance, there happens to be a lot of truth to it.

Who are " you guys". You are disingenuous as anything when you make assumptions.

I find you and some others love to call me a liberal because you can’t deal with a conservative not falling in line with the current form of conservatism.

I have one Bible. And it certainly wasn’t written by Alinsky. That argument is soo old. And if my diagram comes from that book than you’d have to admit Trump is using the same book. There is no denying that. Right?

Except there is no capital to start these ventures…there is no one with money to purchase these goods and services there, except the government. So why would they stay there and suffer from an idea that can’t get off the ground? shortsidedness on your thought process?

Old timey conservatives have more in common with progs today… especially the love of a globalist economy. Call yourselves whatever you want. Stomp your collective feet and insist you have always voted for Republicans until Trump. Times change. And you people now wear the uniform of the left.

You have never… but maybe now that it is expedient for political gain, it’s OK to do so.

No, because it is true.

There are people who want to fundamentally change this country.

There are people who do not want the fundamentals of the country changed.

People are going to take the side of the politician who most closely aligns with their beliefs.

Politicians are going to exploit the lemmings who want to order Value Meal #1 without taking the time to look at the nutrient content and then wonder why they have health problems.

Yet, you also have a lot of people who are not lemmings. They are mostly going to keep their opinions to themselves. Who would attempt to even have a rational conversation with someone who dresses in a handmaiden outfit or blocks the streets illegally or supports that kind of behavior?

If you go by the theory that fear and ignorance = hate, the only answer is removing ignorance through information. Fear is intrinsic to being human and there will always be a way to stoke it. From brimstone and fire, to taking our jobs, to destroying our way of life, there will always be ways to bring about the fear in people. If people are informed however, and they are able to understand there is no reason to be afraid, perhaps you have a chance. The real question is how do you inform people without those who thrive from hate labeling it as brainwashing? We’re already living with some pretty substantial “anti-intellectual” movements, with the goal to keep people ignorant. There’s no easy answer, but tackling ignorance is the only solution I see.

That’s such a load of crap. And it’s just a bunch of deflection.

Look at where most of Trump’s branded products are made and you see a picture of the ultimate globalist. Made In America is a rarity to him when it comes to his money, while he rails against others who do the exact same thing as him. No concept of lead by example for that one.

The point of this thread is that fear(the message) is the catalyst that acts on ignorance to create hate. It isn’t A+B=C
It is A interacts with B to enhance C.

I understand. I think there’s little that can be done with fear. Fear is, and always will be there.

Then someone needs to learn chemistry and what a catalyst is. Energy input into a system is not a catalyst.

LoL… talk about ignorance.

Knowledge…is the antidote to fear and this hate.

Several years ago there was a thread here about the Ebola outbreak. Obama brought that doctor and nurse here…and conservatives lost their damn minds. I spent weeks in that thread providing truthful knowledge of the US healthcare system and How Ebola works…is spread. I was told I was wrong, my knowledge of epidemiology and the healthcare system was wrong. Millions of Americans would die and etc.

I was not afraid but plenty were. Why? The message was that many millions would die because of this outbreak. The truth was that the rest of the world’s healthcare systems are so much better able to cope with Ebola that this was not a likelihood. The environment in the US is not conducive to Ebola. But that didn’t stop the message of fear being on the news everyday.

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When he starts using presidential authority to increase foreign production of goods that could be made in the US, then get back to me.

His job is not to lead by example. No president has ever done that.

Dude. You are the one making about chemistry. In simple none chemistry terms. The flame acts on the contents of the vial to change it into something new.

Flame (the message) acts on the vial (ignorance) to create a new outcome(hate).

It’s not about knowing chemistry, it’s about understanding a concept. But as usual, when you disagree, you belittle the messenger, because you don’t accept the message. Just like Trump. Open your mind.

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So the antidote for you is for Trump to have his products made in America so he can lead by example? That is the cure to fear and ignorance for you?

How about the mass murders committed before Trump was president? What was the problem then?

I said this on Thursday…

We are heading down a very very risky path here. People need to go back to civility. We all need to address each other with great civility and realize our disagreements are not so strong as to lead to assassinations and bomb threats. I am getting really worried that something bad is going to happen.

I was right.