What is the Antidote? Let's try this again

Here’s an example.

The metaphorical Bunsen burner is fueled by misinformation and fake news that is repeated over and over. It is an incredibly efficient system with each lie providing 10,000 BTUs (Boogymen That Undermine) and lasting for months.
There seems to be an endless supply of this fuel stored in the darkest recesses of the minds of those who hate the current executive branch. And thus the system is an amazing self perpetuating system of hate. From the caverns of hate comes the fuel that fires the fear that exploits the ignorance that condenses into more hate.

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America is not a fish.
America rots from the sources of lies outward.

And this is exactly my point Cali. You gotta go beyond normal sources, internet media sources, 24/7 news outlets and find the truth yourself. Too much corrupted news, partial truths, and falsehoods out there. Sowing the seeds of hatred is easy using the design I posted in my OP.

As long as you are willing to admit this comes from both right and left, I’d be willing to agree.

Everyone who wants a Twitter account can get one. The “bully pulpit” metaphore is old old from the days of paper newspapers and AM radio.

Who gets more press than trump?

That’s a bully pulpit.


My point is that there reasons why certain actors want to divide us. It makes $$$ for political entertainers, it’s good for our enemies, etc.

I think part of the antidote is acknowledging the forces that wish to divide us.

Now you are starting to see my reason. Now expand your thought process to include the executive branch…and you’ll start to see the bigger picture. As long as the message turns up the heat on the ignorant…on both sides…the divisiveness of hate will continue to grow.

Fixed it for ya. Yeah yeah yeah it’s against the rules to change a quote blah blah blah. I make no pretension that the quote is unaltered, just showing what I think is a more accurate portrayal of the hate coming from all directions. There is as much or more vitriol coming from the right as there is from the left, some of it in your very own posts. The simple fact that you blame one hundred percent of it on the left is evidence enough lol.

People refuse to see the other side as real living breathing human beings who are in fact, very much like them in countless ways. COUNTLESS.

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and when he lies, it gets magnified.

Look at the “caravan”

7000 people 1000 miles away and he instills fear of it.

They are just human beings who are dirt poor.


Yes…then turning away from them. I turned away from Fox News 10 years ago. I don’t listen to the 24/7 news cycle. I look for my own truth. Thats the antedote.

Show me a guidebook from the right that exploits ignorance, misinformation, and fear the way the left’s “Rules for Radicals” does and we may be heading for agreement. No ifs, ands, buts, or spin… Alinsky was Clinton’s hero and mentor and the author of a book dedicated to the entity that is often called “the great deceiver” by good people.

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And willing to walk 3000 miles for a job. If we had more Americans like that things would be a lot different.

Too late to “tone” anything.

See…you lose my interest when you play the continued whataboutism.

Or you dont want to. Discussion is the first place to start.

You never let me down.

Whataboutism = an intellectual integrity test.
You guys even have a bible that tells you to lie. And it’s dedicated to the same dark force that has spread hate and fear and ignorance throughout millennia.

“Rules for Radicals” was written by the left and for the left. The same chemistry that you show in your picture is detailed in that book.

Think of the enterprise they could create in their home country.