What is the Antidote? Let's try this again

Hope it does…might get buried with the Pittsburgh thing and maga bomber

Of course it is. There’s no rational reason for it, to be sure.

When you repeatedly call him a pig and an idiot, is that pure emotion too?

Are provable lies emotion?

I didnt know Maxine Waters was such an accomplished chemist.

As always. Got nothing serious to add.

You just did not like what I added. You libs are the flame, the contents of the flask, and test tube.


“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

You’ve asked some thought-provoking questions. Too late to give them due consideration tonight, and still make it through my DVR of Game 4. Maybe tomorrow.

i’m not sure how you stop ignorance.

you can’t stop people from marketing fear for money.

we’re stuck.

There are liberals on here who refuse to acknowledge anything done by their side… laying the blame on the right and Trump for everything in this political climate.

And vice versa. Trump could literally go kill someone on 5th Avenue and there are plenty of so-called conservatives who would say it didn’t happen.

It’s two-sided and always will be. We have to recognize both liberals and conservatives need to tone down the messages greatly

Must defend trump

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A fish rots from the head down.

And of course visa versa.

Trumpists blaming everything bad in America on our previous president.

Starting with the top.


Well Trump does have the bully pulpit.

His voice is heard over all others.


Missing the point. Stop blaming one side or the other…and look at the messages and who is sending the messages…and what’s their agenda?

I think you have to remember that part of the divisiveness is being caused by Russians pretending to be Americans.


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Are you unaware that Russian trolls are operating under the political direction of the Kremlin to sow the seeds of American discord?

10 char.