What Is The American Dream?

One thing I’ve noticed is that America doesnt have a lot of “big vision” goals anymore. It seems the country just operates around “make money” but without any clear direction as a culture.

We dont have highways to build. Space travel has kind of lost its flare. Computers and entertainment have plateaued in cultural impact.

When I look back in history, the American dream was about obtaining a higher standard of living especially among poor immigrants. However, it seems our standard of living has a much higher baseline now, where we now find that consumption of “things” and “making money” doesnt bring the promise of happiness like our ancestors had imagined. Instead we have a society boggled by debt and mental illness.

So, what exactly is the American dream? Is it economic? What limits our pursuit of happiness in 2019?

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Well we know Liberty isn’t part of the American Dream as both parties Are now parties of big government and government control.


My American dream is to be left the hell alone.


Are you? Leastways, enough to continue participating in society at some level?

Mine too. Why are we here then where people bother us???

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American dream was to lead the world into a direction that would have betterment of man kind, at least that’s what we were taught in school. But keep in mind we where challenged by Soviet Union with authoritarian philosophy that was a threat to our way of life, not so much by the Soviets but the philosophy they inspired.

After the wall came down that threat dissipated…and so has our idea of leading the world to parts unknown…and the world had become the elitists play ground while ignoring what had made America great in first place.

And then IMO authoritarianism had set in, not from fall of Soviet Union but within our political system itself…add to that people started looking towards goverment itself for their solutions which set the stage what we are witnessing today. Government failed to offer that vision…instead they massed power for themselves at expense of the people.

And now we have society that frowns on independent thinking and new ideas.

And before you libs jump all over me the fault doesn’t just rest with you. There is plenty of blame to go around…starting with Bush senior. He had the perfect opportunity to shape the new world after the fall of Soviet Union. His lack of vision and people that Bush family surrounded themselves are the biggest culprits…libs just doubled down on Bush failure.


Am I what? Being left alone? No.

Which “society”?

These people are just silly, not a bother.

If you can’t define a society, how do you know you’re being interfered with?

Ah, well then - no worries. :slight_smile:

I can define “a” society. I just don’t know which one you want me to define. Are you under the impression there is only one?

I went to a hipster cafe for brunch Saturday. Two hours of watching and listening. Very interesting. I can with absolute assurance promise you there is more than one “society” in this country.

Case in point. Are you Australian today?

Crikey, mate - relax. :heart_eyes:

Do tell

I just want to homestead low ground acres and raise a family. Then subdivide and build tract homes. Leave me alone!

I think that in the purest sense it meant one’s children would live a better life than their parents. So in the ideal you have the unselfish sacrifice of the parents giving their all for the sake of their children.

What did you learn in those two hours?

I just did.

That there is far more than one society in this country.

Each person has to answer that question for themselves. My American dream is to live a comfortable modest lifestyle surrounded by a loving wife and family; to work in a job that I enjoy and to be able to save towards my retirement; to enjoy that comfortable retirement with my wife.

I’m currently at the precipice of my retirement and can honestly say I’ve been living my American dream.