What Is Libertarianism?

Have recently found a YouTube personality with whom I identify, Eric D. July, aka Young Rippa 59, from Dallas, Texas. He considers himself libertarian.

How do you guys view Libertarianism? Is part of it not particularly caring what others do if it isn’t hurting anyone? Is it anti big government? How do you define it?

My impression of libertarianism is that they are liberal on social issues and conservative fiscally.

That would never work for me because more than anything else i oppose about the dems is their liberalism on “social” issues such as abortion.

Yeah, I’m pretty conservative on both the liberal and social issues, even more so since the prison like existence advocated during ghe COVID 19 pandemic.

I will admit, though, when it comes to issues like dating, partnership, marriage, I don’t care who partners up with whom or if they do or don’t marry if their partnerships aren’t hurting anyone—especially if they’re up front from the beginning with the individual about what sort of relationship they want.

Define what you mean by LIBERAL on social issues. I think it is exactly the opposite…they want nothing to do with social issues. A Libertarian believes that you do what you want with your own life. The Government has no place there. Drink a 96 oz Coke? Have at it. Have multiple abortions? Not a problem. Own 100 handguns? Go for it mad max. Smoke Pot? As long as I am not behind the wheel of a car, boat, motorcycle, RV, airplane or any other motorized vehicle where I could take someone’s life…Go for it.

A Libertarian believes on social issues to each his own. I don’t know where you get liberal from? Libertarian is not liberal on social issues. They are not liberal on anything.

It is why conservatives like me lean more libertarian these days. Liberals do not…because ultimately Libertarians are anti government, and more liberty…which in my opinion is not a liberal view.


It actually is a liberal view.


Just started the book “A Libertarian walks into a Bear: The Utopian plot to liberate an American Town (and some bears)”

I will let you know.


I wonder how many people caught this.

I read an article about that.

Quite the story.

Yeah. I read it too.

Made me get the book.

Let me know if it’s a good book. I’ve got a lot of books on my list at the moment, but I can always add another.

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The false stereotype of conservatives that smoke weed is deeply rooted in many political psyches

For me one of the key appealing aspects of Libertarianism was the antipathy it expresses towards government coercion. Here’s one way to express it:

“Libertarianism is a family of views in political philosophy. Libertarians strongly value individual freedom and see this as justifying strong protections for individual freedom. Thus, libertarians insist that justice poses stringent limits to coercion. While people can be justifiably forced to do certain things (most obviously, to refrain from violating the rights of others) they cannot be coerced to serve the overall good of society, or even their own personal good.”

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Some how I had to laugh…not sure why thou. :wink:

This one?

I believe that was the article, yes.

Interesting author. Quite accomplished.

I have a lot of issues with his conclusions and if he read Rand, he missed quite a bit of the point.

In reality, that’s not how it works due to every arrangement legitimized by a social system being maintained with force.

That wonderful monopoly on coercion/violence.

Good thread @Janet_Miller

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