What is freedom to you?

Let freedom ring.

But what is freedom?

Everyone seems to have a different definition.

For me it’s the freedom to do what I the ■■■■ (within my parameters of my “don’t bother people”principles) I want without pesky govt telling me I can’t.

I would love to hear how others define freedom.


Letting everyone do their own thing. As long as it isn’t harming anyone and is between consenting adults.

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And … for heaven’s sake, let’s try to avoid a pedantic discussion on the difference between liberty and freedom.

I can’t be so succinct… mainly because - to me - there are more impediments to freedom than the Government. But even within the context of “the government”, I have trouble dissociating “freedom” from “responsibility” since I am a supporter of what has been called the social contract.

So I have fewer declarative sentences than I do rhetorical questions on the matter. That does not mean that I view freedom only philosophically and do not recognize real threats to my freedom.

I have very few of what might be called a “line in the sand”. But presented with an obstacle to my freedom that crosses such a line, my mind instantly goes into a mode of developing a means of circumvention, escape, or a solution to counter the obstacle. And if I can arrive at such a solution and implement it, am I not free? Or must my freedom require no effort from me?

There are laws of the land that make up the sides of the sandbox I live in and outside of that, government…get the hell out of my sandbox.

We have similar thoughts. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I have it. Other than an aging body, taxes and cultural excesses being an annoyance, I have a life of pretty much unfettered freedom.

Freedom’s just another word for “nothing left to lose.”

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Freedom from and liberty to.

An important distinction.

The difference between the two is hardly unimportant.