What is 'Big Government'


What does government mean if it does not control people? If we want to be independent, we will not be part of the community. I am very happy that Republicans are responsible for the government so that they can control the population. Democrats will promote universal health care and free education. I don’t think anyone wants to do this.


Yes, we can both agree that you don’t understand that at all.


There’s No liberty in modern liberalism…


No, that’s wrong also…


The goal of American liberalism is nothing short of world domination.


You literally disagreed with me when I said that you understood something and then when I said that you didn’t understand something.

Do you understand that?


You do know that there is a distinction between “Big Government”, “limited Government” and no government at all? A very limited government could accomplish everything you listed as well.


This is a straw-man type approach. Whenever anyone questions the size and scope of government many on the left frame the argument as though that person believes in no government at all. Heck even hardcore Libertarians believe in some form of government.


The purpose of that argument was to address Cratic’s notion that one purpose of the government is not to control.

Government controls, undoubtedly.

That was the only purpose of that argument.


I read your post a couple of times and I’m not sure what your primary point is? Could you clarify?


Democrats want worse government control. I don’t want this. I think Republicans want to control the government, but that makes sense. Health and education are not rights. We need to go back to what the founders assumed when they created the United States from nothing. Long live Donald Trump.


No…it is not


I think I might have just found the anti-me.


I’ve seen one person refer to property as the biggest government program ever. It’s really funny how much you can play with it.


I’m against big government like policies that interfere with what welfare recipients spend their money.

Ooh, this is fun.


Anyone politician shorter than five-and-a-half feet.


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is a ban on gay marriage a control on citizens?



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Yes it does.