What is 'Big Government'


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Hear is a perfect example:

Here is one excerpt from the article:

"Of all the crimes that will get you arrested in the Garden State, braiding hair has to be one of the silliest.

But that’s exactly what happened four years ago to Melek Ustunluk, who worked out of a shop in Passaic and found herself facing charges of operating illegally under strict rules that require that braiders undergo more hours of training than emergency medical technicians.

You can’t get much lower-tech than braiding, which essentially involves a comb and the talents of the individual doing the braiding.

But for more than three decades, the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling has mandated that all hairstylists and barbers in the state be licensed to operate - and that includes braiders.

And that means attending beauty school, with its $17,000 price tag."


Small government was easier when the U.S. population was 5 million people.

San Diego County has almost the same population as the entire United States did in 1790.


There is a difference between decrying big government and calling for NO government (which is simply anarchy.)

The fact that we need proper government does not justify big government.


Well, San Diego County was underwater in 1790. Did you count the fish and crawdad population?


San Diego County wasn’t counted in the 1790 census. Don’t you know anything?


I don’t know anything.


Is that you, Jon Snow?


Is the purpose of govt to control it’s citizens?..


Do we have laws that prohibit behavior?


Yes, those laws should be designed to protect citizens not control them…


If a law says that murderers will go to jail, and if you like to murder, then are you being controlled by government?

Can you continue murdering unimpeded?

If you murder, what is likely to happen to you?

When you are in jail, have you been controlled?


These are all insightful questions.


That’s one person who’s a danger to the rest… His arrest makes us more free, not less. It’s also a local function 95% of the time.


When he is arrested, has he been controlled?

Who is doing the controlling?

When you pay taxes, do you pay taxes?

Is paying your taxes controlling your net worth?

When you pay your taxes, who is controlling your net worth?

Is government control of our borders a form of control?

Are you sure you’ve thought this through?


So, your answer is yes. The govt is there to control it’s citizens…


I’m glad you understand that control is one of the functions of government.


I’m glad the government controls the crazies in our population.


I don’t understand that at all… But we agree you think govt is suppose to control people, innocent or guilty.


Tied to that concise explanation would also have to include the level of taxation. Having thousands of laws means nothing if one doesn’t have the ability to enforce those laws. And the only way to enforce laws is to pay people to do so. Hence that is where tax dollars come in. To conclude what level of taxation does one conclude is too much? 20%, 30%, 50%, 80%?