What in the Constitution Allows the Government to Make All these Businesses Close?

While we are at it, arrest people for fishing, going to the beach, gardening, protesting, going to Church, or all the many things we are being FORCED to do/not do?

I don’t think there is authority to do this.

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Not saying I don’t follow RECOMENDATIONS, but I see no authority to FORCE us to.

Isn’t it a state and local level thing?

Is it Constitutional?

Who cares anymore. Do what you want. I’ll watch.

Public health laws. Maybe you should try looking it up instead of just guessing.

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It’s my right as an American to be FREE to spread deadly communicable diseases if I want to. The GOVERNMENT has no RIGHT to FORCE me to be safe. If I want to go outside of my house when I’m sick that’s my RIGHT. Other people need to PROTECT themselves from sick people. It’s not my JOB to do that for them. They can wash their HANDS by themselves. They can socially DISTANCE themselves without my permission. Wear a MASK if you’re so afraid I’ll sneeze on you. Not my job to use my shoulder when I cough. We didn’t have to shut down the economy when OBAMA let Swine Flu or Ebola enter America.


It’s typically local health departments.

The question basically is this.

Under what authority do local health departments and mayors have to suspend constitutional rights?


Love it. You go, girl.


Who cares about the constitution? Is that what you are saying?


Since when do health departments have authority to suspend the constitution?

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So then it must be who cars that heath departments are going unchallenged when they suspend constitutional rights?

States have “police power.” Backed by Supreme Court multiple times. Google it.



It’s been established for a LONG time that states can restrict freedom and property in health emergency such as this courtesy of the 10th Amendment.


10th amendment allows states to suspend other constitutional amendments as they see fit?



I answered the question correctly. Feel free to do your own research using reputable sources.

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I would like you to post the portion of the constitution allowing states to suspend the constiontional rights.

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You know it’s as pointless as I do. Let’s summarize how these type of threads work.

Poster: I don’t like law X. It’s not constitutional.
Reply: It is. Here is the precedent and explanation.
Poster: I don’t care about precedent or explanation. It’s obviously unconstitutional.

Rinse. Repeat.

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