What If Jesus Was Political?

What if Jesus was Political, and alive in America today?
Which Party do you think he would chose and why?

I’d say he’d be a Republican for sure, for several reasons. 1. I’m guessing most Wiccans who oppose him vote Democrat.

  1. Jesus himself was persecuted back then, fast forward to when the Democrats persecuted slaves, then fast forward to today, where Democrat Politicians and the Liberal Fake News Mainstream Media persecute Republicans as well.
    How you ask? Just some examples are Bret Kavanaugh, and not wanting due process. Democrat Politicians and their Media Lackeys that they employ, try to persecute and ruin lives of anyone that doesn’t fall in life, and conform to their Socialistic way of life. They want you to be just another mindless slave in their Army of THE WALKING DEAD. Mindless Zombies, of just doing what your told.
    Hi! Welcome to Socialism.

Jesus would not care about political parties. Those belong to this world. Jesus only cared about the next world. He was very clear on this.


I would have to say jesus would be a huge socialist

Yes, I realize that. That’s why it’s more of a hypothetical question.

Why would you think that?

That may be in doubt. In his own time Jesus was consistent in having people depend on God, not on government.

I’m guessing Jesus, if he bothered to register with any political party, would have been Independent. In any case, we can be fairly certain that if President Trump nominated Jesus to the Supreme Court, some of our elected Democratic Congressmen would certainly crucify him.


aint that the truth!

Jesus would totally be into locking up refugee children.

He certainly would not let children remain outside in the elements in the care of child traffickers. Let’s see…Jesus tells us to enter through the narrow gate, that anyone who does not is a thief and a murderer. He welcomes everyone to the wedding, but tosses out anyone not dressed in wedding clothes (think citizenship papers or Green Card). Oh, and in his time, Jesus noted his mission was only to select countrymen (the Jews).

Jesus seems very clear that there is a proper order to follow.

Hey! If Jesus can have pearly gates, then gates and walls can’t all be bad, can they?

Next ya know, Democrats will be calling Jesus a racist, for having gates.

You are correct. Jesus would not let children remain in the care of child traffickers.

And he would be totally cool with locking them up.

Threads like this are so tasty and enlightening…:wink:


Would he be cool with grabbing them by the ■■■■■ because when you’re a star, they let you?

Jesus would be a MAGA hat wearing Trumpist.

Absolutely no doubt about it.

His Twitter feed would be awesome. No one would insult other people better than Jesus.

Except maybe Donald.

Christ gives from what is His, He doesn’t take from someone else as socialists do. Moreover the sort of economy that the Lord commended in the Scripture was one very different from socialism, including such things as an ideal of uninterrupted inheritances. Also you’ll find entrepreneurship praised via the woman who shall be praised bit.

As for Ananias, have you not noticed that multiple times Peter told him that his wealth was under his own control (so giving was without compulsion) or that the sin was lying? With socialism what people have is not under their control.

So you think jesus would be a capitalist lol. Maybe take in some licensing fees from some jesus bobbleheads? I thought he didnt like the money changes.

The fantasy of Republican Jesus is pernicious.


At the time, Jesus said he was about his Father’s business. Is any branch of our government, or any politician or political party about serving God and doing the Father’s will (versus the will of the people–and their own will, of course).

Focusing on Jesus as a politician is pretty much the same as focusing on Jesus as an actor or an astronaut. None are who he was or what he was about.