What I would like to see from over paid CEO's

What type of business?

Hospitality. :frowning:

We are not a small company.
Doesnt matter the size or how well you plan. When you lose 90% of your revenue in a week and have no idea when you will be able to even start to make up for it, there isnt much you can do.

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Jeez. Good luck. It looks like your company is trying hard to make ends meet. With the efforts you are making, I would certainly support a little help from the feds. If are idiots in congress can stop acting in their own self interest for just one day.

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It really is Sneaky. I’d love to work for this guy. I hope he lives a long life!

I would too, but I can’t work in the hotel business.

No, but when I retire, I want to work part time driving that little shuttle bus to the airport.

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I can’t work in any part of the hotel business.

I love the shuttle drivers. Always seem to be happy, tend to be good at discerning when passengers are/are not interested in conversation, good at answering “Where’s good to eat around here that I can work/drink in peace?”

As part of an agreement or personal reasons?

I heard it was a mutual agreement. He doesn’t want them, they don’t want him. :grin:

The thing is, there are a lot of lonely women staying in them traveling and such. I’m so dern pretty they won’t leave me alone to get any work done.

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Yep. The last time, I drove anyone from the Airport, it was the rock group “Kansas.” True story.

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And? You know that money was all repaid and more right?

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Hey, if this lady…

…can be rehired into a finance role after embezzling a million dollars from the Moonies, then I say you can be rehired into the hotel industry after walking around in a few guests’ shoes.


Did they ask you on the way to their destination how long - da da doo doo, da da da da doo doo - to the point, of no retur-rrn?

Yes. And when I dropped them off I asked if they needed anything else. They said No. “Carry on my wayward son.”


:grinning: well done.

And then finally, you vanished, like a fart in the wind.

:rofl: :rofl:

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