What has Made America a Great Country?


the hypocrisy on the far left politics is insane! They love to have so many freedoms, but then act like the rest of us should be ashamed to have them? lol. Long story short, these things up above that you just said are only good for this country , and in this country when it fits into the Liberal Socialist Agenda. Other than that, we should be ashamed of all of it!


Invented freedom? I think the slaves felt differently.


I like Freedom. Especially since Abraham Lincoln(a Republican) Freed the slaves.

The Dem Politicians didn’t want the slaves to be freed back then, and now they’re
trying to take all Americans Freedoms away in general, slowly one at a time, overtime.

Democratic Politicians= Death To Freedoms


Most of those countries voluntarily stopped it.

We had to fight a war to end it and are still feeling the after-effects of that war 153 years later.

That’s why.


Abraham Lincoln was a Big Government Liberal. He’d be disowned by the hard right today.

Funnily enogh…so would Ronald Reagan.

Barry Goldwater? He’d be considered a communist!


Who doesn’t like freedom? I certainly do. Just pointing out that US didn’t invent freedom. Women and slaves were not free. Neither were Native Americans.


More partisan thinking that further drives wedges.

Democrats are bad.
Republicans are good.


It’s more like the Democratic Politicians are bad, and Conservative Politicians are good,
and there’s Republicans Establishment in the middle that are ready to sell out at a moments notice for more money and power if the Dem politicians offer it.

That’s why Conservatives need to drain the swamp, and get elected actual Conservatives where Republican Establishment politicians currently are.


Welp, the bad news is that there are literally zero conservatives in the Senate or House.

There will not be a “draining of the swamp” moment.


Yes…conservatism has failed only because “true conservatives” are held down by “the Swamp of the Deep State”.

Just let “true conservatives” do their thing unimpeded and THIS TIME, it’ll work and America will enter a new golden age.

Amazing how that excuse never gets old for some people.

Hope springs eternal.


Dem Politics haven’t gotten rid of all of the Conservatives yet.


If you look at how politics has gone so far to the left in this country, and
this country has been worse and worse with corruption as we’ve gone
to the left over the years, I’d say that Conservatism worked out for Americans
a lot better than Socialism and the far left has.


Name conservative politicians in Congress.

And what do Democrats have to do with conservatives?


Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump.

I wish Hannity would run for President in 2024!!!

With Trumps endorsement and a good VP, I really think that he’d have a chance!!!

Hannity in 2024!!!


When you want to have a serious discussion on real conservatives, circle around and let me know.


So you’re saying that Conservatives should go on whom Democrats think Conservative Politicians are?

Logically, wouldn’t Democrats pick someone that they like, and would do more
for them in the end? Therefore actually being a lot more liberal, and a lot less conservative, and Part of the Republican Establishment ultimately?


None of those people you posted are conservatives.

Like said, let me know some true conservatives in Congress and then we can have a discussion.



Plenty of swamp members to chose from. Take your pick?
They act Conservative for the vote and that’s pretty much it.


As threads like this always reveal, conservative Republicans love their country like a 3 year old loves its Mommy. Mommy is always the bestest in the whole world and they don’t know enough to know any better or different and don’t care anyway. Anybody who says anything bad about Mommy is a bad bad person they want to hit with their little chubby fists.

Liberals love their country in a more mature sense, like an adult relationship. They love their country but recognize when it does wrong and hope and encourage it do better, to live up to what it says it stands for.


That’s not a liberal/conservative split but simply an adult/child split.

Plenty of liberals who are just as bad.


Politics has only gone far left in the fevered imaginations of CEC-fueled people…