What has Joe Biden done for working folks?

Joe (The Sniffer) Biden been Vice President, a senator for over half of his life. What has he done for working folks of America?

Inquiring minds want to know.

If anything he been at the helm the entire time while wages stagnated, jobs moved overseas and our country was flooded with cheap labor all under his watch.

So tell me with straight face…what has he done for common working man other then flipping his lips?

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I don’t know about all that, but maybe you can tell me what Trump is going for with “sleepy”? Usually his insults make a little sense; is he slipping?

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Yeah… “Sleepy” is a weird one.

Makes no sense.

I would have gone for “Kooky”

Lots of options, but that one is just odd. Trump projects so much I get the feeling he is tired.


Also hilarious : Adderal Snortin’ Sniffy Fat Donald’s fans calling anyone sniffy.

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I get the impression that Trump would rather face Bernie than Biden.

If I were a Democrat, that would likely be a deciding factor on who I would vote for in the primary - lol.

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I’ll take “Deflection in the First reply” for a thousand Alex.

A Trump supporter asking what other candidates are doing for workers. I swear, you really can’t make this ■■■■ up.


I am honestly curious if that name is getting traction with the Trump crowd that is impressed with grade school names (considering Conan has his own special name for Biden in the OP, his opinion is important); also, this was the only Biden thread.

How do you deflect from a hostile, fact-free OP?

Biden is worrying some Trump supports. I love it.

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So you libs can’t name one single thing that Joe (The Sniffer) Biden after 36 years in the senate and 8 years as VP for the common working man.

Is that what you libs telling me?

Come on libs…name em. After 44 years in public life it should be easy one for you all.

I’ve always found that the best way to encourage participation in a thread is to be hostile. Let’s see how this goes.



Nobody thinks you actually care.


For one, he is kicking Fat Donald’s ass in Texas of all places.

Gonna be great to see Biden lay a beat down on Fat Donald in person. Epic beat down.


In before no one responds to this hostile, fact free thread, and he claims “victory”.


I take it libs are waiting for their talking point for correct answer to my question…fair enough.

I understand…

Just barely.