What has happened to Bill Maher?

It seems he’s had an epiphany…


That’s the same Bill Maher.


He has been a shill for the left so long I figured he forgot how to think for himself at all.

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He sounds the same as I always remember him he just didn’t get on the woke band wagon he is still a liberal Democrat. From his past shows it’s hard to see the man who’s show was once called politically incorrect of all sudden be a pc warrior.

I find some of the Jon Stewart’s latest interviews refreshing as well it’s to bad he doesn’t have a show no more.

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Figured because you don’t watch his show or know what he’s been saying for years?

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He does have a show, of some type.

Though I haven’t watched it, I remember when he got scolded for going on the Colbert late night show and talking about the lab leak theory for Covid.

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I heard about it I thought it was just a podcast judging by the link it’s much more might check it out :+1:

You clearly know nothing about Bill Maher. Ever actually watch his shows over the decades?

People like Bill Maher, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi have been consistent in their liberal values.

They support freedom of speech, question authority, call out hypocrisy and overreaching behavior no matter which side of the political spectrum it comes from.


It probably appeared that way because a decade+ ago, almost all of the moralizing hypocrisy, racism, self-righteous judgmental attitudes and anti-science were on the right.

Now that we have a healthy amount of all of those on the left, he’ll call out of the left - as he should.

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Comparing Maher to Greenwald and Taibbi is just….

Greenwald and Taibbi are at best poeing and at worst decided that grift is easier. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They don’t for a second be believe the ■■■■ they are selling. Maher has never changed tact.

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Yep. He doesn’t have a side. I don’t like him for other reasons but yep he doesn’t have a side

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I like Maher, have seem him many times live, and have watched his show for a long time.

It appears he is getting a bit old and cranky…His latest railing about Covid, is not new. He makes some decent points…but he is whining because he cant go to his office, and his audience wears a mask. He is rich, and was able to live his life just fine…whereas many others were dramatically Affected by covid for many reasons.

His bitching about the “woke” is also getting old…again, he makes some decent points…but he hypes it up like…well, like the right. Twitter is not the real world, and that is where woke is mainly debated and talked about.

He is not as funny as he used to be either…a lot of his bits are just stupid…although occasionally his writers come up with some good stuff.

I will still watch him…but, he is past his prime.

Taibbi actually has been on Maher a lot. First I remember him was during 2008 election cycle - he was rather unimpressed with GOP candidates, Fred Thompson was someone he truly loathed.

And he was actually on the show not long ago last year. I don’t think he’s changed at all.

Consistency is commendable. Ideology is pretty much our biggest obstacle. People dismiss common sense because all they know is “my team awesome, their team awful”.

I don’t agree with him on one point that he’s beaten to death and mentions at least once every show - how in restaurants, masks are required when walking to and from your table but not at the table. If you believe masks work, that makes sense - because you are eating with people you came in with - likely friends and family you already spend time with - and not disseminating your germs all over the restaurant. I don’t see why he doesn’t get that.

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You may want to rethink that position…if you trully believe that then you weren’t listening to the left very well.


Maher isn’t a threat to me…unlike many on left/democrats/libs.

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