What has Biden done so far for unity?

Stopped deportations, strengthened DACA, strengthened Obamacare, transgenders in the military…

What exactly screams “let’s unify!” About any of that?

You misunderstood. He said “unificamos”.

He was talking to illegals. It means “unify” but in Spanish.


He’s solidifying single-party rule and punishing red state economies, just as those of us that voted against him predicted. Next up, increasing the size of the Supreme Court. “Unity” means no dissent permitted.


DACA is pretty popular and unifying.


Maybe to some people “unity” means “enact the agendas we ran on lost on”. No. It means get the hate speech and violent threats out of politics, go with science not pundits and already discredited ideology, legislation with popular support. If anybody from the GP wants to get on board great, bit it sure as ■■■■ doesn’t mean “bipartisan”.


Unity does not mean returning to the failed policies of trumpism.



So unity means doing what the left wants, and ■■■■ everyone else, but saying it nicely. Thanks.


Free citizenship. Nice.

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Broad, popular support.

Like taxing and eating the rich! Like 70% of the country is down for that lets goooooo

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If I remember correctly you’ve mentioned in the past that you worked in CAD design for oil rig equipment?

That’s a high paying job. Compared to a poor kid in New Orleans, you’re rich.

They’ll eat you too. It’s not just the billionaires who get gobbled up by the masses in class struggle.


I’m out of the oilfield, engineer. Been back in manufacturing for a couple years now, oilfield is dead and never coming back. Not like it was.

An increase in upper marginal rates and a more real world corporate tax rate is what we’re talking about.

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Yes it is unifying. It bring the country together with policy of love and acceptance. Are you against that?

He unified enough votes to win the seat.

That is it.

Now he is racing the clock to live long enough to enjoy a full term.

WIN election…that is the all and complete of it.

That is so sweet.

Yep…if…“we” were guaranteed that this illegal immigration problem would be STOPPED…you know, like what was PROMISED in 1986 when we were at a similar crossroad.


Wow…a week in. Tough crowd. As long as we’re on the topic. What did Trump do for unity in 4 years?..He’s the one that has the country in this state…

Trump campaigned on energy and middle class jobs and wages.

He delivered on those…Biden took them apart for spite.

I love that you brought up Trump…so will many more as Biden sinks the job market.


He attempted to stop illegal immigration. He spurred on the economy, which lowered unemployment to record lows in many areas plus many other superb accomplishments. While all of this was going on, the MSM, the political establishment and the social media giants colluded to feed the sheople hatred of Trump and it worked so that they could continue on their path of self enrichment. Guess what? It worked so then I had to apply a method to determine which of my fellow Americans had been sheoplized. The best and most accurate method I could come up with was to listen to their own words and if I heard, “orange man baaa, baaa, baaad”, they identified themselves. Now…you were saying… :sunglasses:


Valid point.

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That might be what you’re talking about, but it sure as hell isn’t what the progressive left is discussing.