What Happens When You Get Sanction Here?

Do you get a message?

Maybe a badge?

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I have no idea, maybe Snow can chime in and explain?

The sanction done here is called “silenced”.

You can log in, you can read the forum. You can’t make any posts or start new threads.

I thought it sent an automated e-mail, but it might not. So if I sanction you (silence), I message you (can still get in and read those as well) with the offending part of the post, and tell you how long you are silenced for.

So far the longest I’ve given is a week.

I’d accept one for that thread.

Thanks. Good job locking that garbage thread.


Good to know. Thanks.

Continuing the discussion from Explain precisely how Roseanne Barr's is racist:

I hope some consideration is given to sanctioning not just responders but the OP in that thread. That was asking for trouble.

You get an automated message letting you know that your account is temporarily on hold but it does not give you a time frame.

I appreciated the message giving the length of the silence.

Sanction? You’re forced to read all the old threads that are being created.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll start including the length of time in the message field.

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No doubt. That was a troll thread if I’ve ever seen one.

I got a recent TO but am not sure which post caused it. Can you shoot me an email?