What happens when someone's post is deleted?

A few days ago I posted in the Politics folder a thread where I wanted us to parse Trump’s actual words in his address to the African American history delegates to the White House.

Came back a couple hours later and I couldn’t find the thread.

Looked at my “Recent posts” and didn’t see it there, either.

It used to be, I thought, that if you clicked on a thread title and it was no longer there, it would say “This thread has been removed.” But the title of the post was always there.

So if a thread starter is deleted, does it just disappear from one’s record of posts also, or did I have a senior moment and not actually post the thing?

The new software doesn’t show posts or threads that are deleted.


So if I decide what happened is I had a senior momen,t and rewrite and post an OP on something I thought I had posted earlie,r which I can no longer find - which it turns out had been deleted by a mod (though for this particular post I can’t think why) will I get into trouble if I repost it innocently?

I’ve had about 5 flagged posts of mine removed this week and was able to see the post that was deleted.

“Not true. This is Trump’s stock rally”

This for whatever got removed by an admin, I got notified and could see it.

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Another one of mine that got flagged and removed with a notification and ability for me to see

“Paying our teachers solid middle class wages will be the end of America!!”

Ah…so if a post of mine was removed, I would get notified.

Okay…I was hoping I hadn’t had a senior moment, but I guess I did!

If possible i would like clarity why those got removed? What if I put them in meme form? :upside_down_face:

Not sure. Sometimes I get notified sonetimes not.

Off topic, trolling comments that aren’t conducive to debate are deleted.