What happens next in the Middle East?

What “inevitable” war is Israel going to start in the next four years?

Not Israel, us. Whichever one Bibi tells Biden to start. I’m thinking Iran or Syria are the most likely bets.
Why do you think the National Review\George Will types and RINOS like Romney and Sasse are giddy about getting rid of Trump?

I’m loving the dual roles that Biden already occupies in Trump voters’ minds.

Many, many reasons. You think Romney wants war in the Middle East?

Biden is a “company man”, same as Clinton, Dubya, and Obama. Defense contractors have shareholders to think about you know. It’s once again time to “spread democracy”. If I am wrong and Biden decides against automatic war when a Middle Eastern country with a pissant military (like Iraq) shows some kind of aggression I will admit I was wrong. Something tells me liberals and neocons will be waving their little “Made in China” flags and pumping up the Lee Greenwood.
This is why the Democrats so strongly oppose Tulsi Gabbard and why the GOP hates Ron Paul. They are both principled when it comes to not fighting unjust wars for the chickenhawks.

While he’s at it Biden can undo Trump middle east peace initiative all together. Since it was failed policy…right?

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It’s obviously impossible to say what’s going to happen militarily during the Biden administration. He voted in favor of George W. Bush’s Iraq War before changing his mind. Maybe Biden learned something from that experience?

Yep I do he has said openly in the past that he wants troops in Syria, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and wanted to bomb Iran. Biden has said we will stay in the middle east forever to prevent forever wars whatever the hell that means, as well as no major cuts to defense to counter China, and democratic boogeyman number uno Russia. Basically more war in the middle east and cold war with China and Russia.

That’s what they are saying no reason to not think they are at least thinking it. I just found a few weeks ago whether one hates Trump or not it has been the first time in near 40 years America didn’t have a new war.


Trump basically started a new Cold War with China. Democrats would rather go back to the old Cold War with Russia.

Lot’s of speculation at this point.

My point is why do we care? We are, I am told, fully energy independent, if you believe the Facebook energy “experts”. So maybe we cut the region loose let them fight their own wars, if they want, or, if they chose, cozy up to China, Russia or any regional power they wish to.

Like Russia or North Korea? Dictators are cool.

We are not doing anything different militarily with China than we did under Obama or Bush. I don’t know if people think back that far but we have not been militarily friendly with them since they became a nuclear power and started pushing and building islands in the South China Sea. This all predates Trump.

I don’t think it is speculation, look at their records. Voting for the Iraq war was the #1 reason Hillary was beaten by Obama in the primaries of 2008. The nation didn’t want a new war and rightly compared the foreign policy between Obama and Clinton and it was pretty clear who was more likely to get us into another war. Of course he ■■■■■■ all that up getting involved in the war with Libya but that is another story.

But a Cold War doesn’t require military action. That’s why it’s “cold.”

He hasn’t even taken office yet. Assuming he’s going to start a war is speculation no matter what his record looks like.

Perhaps. We shall see.

Right on! :fist:t4:

It won’t be a big one, but they tend to grow.

And last for decades. No thanks.

It’s going to happen.

I don’t see a lot of drastic changes in Mid East policy as Biden comes in. But this is what I’m thinking/hoping for:

  1. Embassy is going to stay in Jerusalem because administrations don’t change things like that that the previous one did.
  2. I think recognizing Golan Heights as Israeli territory goes out the window though.
  3. Aid to Israel/Egypt does not change.
  4. Continuing efforts to get Gulf States to recognize Israel continue.
  5. We’ll push Europe to get Iran back into talks.
  6. I’m hoping for a clearer explanation of our role in Syria. Clearly identifying our support of SDF and supporting them in the eventual reconciliation with the Assad regime. But really want some clarity on our control of al-Tanf at the border. If it’s just there to protect the Rukbah camp or why it’s really there. I don’t have an issue with it but I want an explanation of where we’re going with it.
  7. Hoping for a better and more defined relationship with Turkey. Recognizing their vital role in NATO while also making it clear that certain of their ambitions are unacceptable.
  8. Not Mid East but hoping for a big increase in military aid to Georgia. I appreciated the Trump administration selling Javelins to them. Nice, but their defense budget is so limited they can barely afford NATO euipment. I’d up them to what we give Ukraine.

truly idiotic.

guess who said this?

not after biden institutes his energy policy we won’t be