What happens next in the Middle East?

With a Biden win, where do we go from here? Can President Trump get SA to join the peace before leaving office? That’s the key. Time is short. I have no doubt that if he won, it would be in the mix right now. Having lost, does SA trust Biden?

Some issues.

Geopolitically, China sides with Iran and through Iran, Russia and China are aligned in Syria. Having pulled back from the border and giving the Turks what they wanted (responsibility for protecting their own border) is helpful because it keeps the Turks aligned against Syria and with us. Before this move they were gravitating away from us and toward Moscow. Our stand against Iran has more solidified Iraq and moved it away from developing as more of Iran lite with Sunni and Kurd factions gaining some equilibrum with the Shia majority and a weakening in al Sadr’s position which means a weakening of Iran’s position in Iraq. Does this continue? or does Biden seak to “build on” Obama’s “success” with Iran? How will that effect Al Sadr’s position and ultimately Iran’s and the Kurd and Sunni minorities?

Israel. I recently listened to one of Biden’s fp advisors speaking about the peace deals, he downplayed them as not of much note and talked up the Palestinian issue. So, a return to a Palestine centric ME peace plan? Didn’t we do that for 50 years? While Jordan and Egypt signed peace deals you have to see reality, it wasn’t due to diplomacy, it was due to getting their collective asses handed to them by Israel. If Israel hadn’t defeated them so handily, there would never have been any peace deals. Still, give credit where its due, camp david wasn’t easy. That calculus hasn’t changed so going back to a Palestine centric position should look familiar. competing Shia and Sunni terrorist organizations. The current status has pretty much put the Sunni ones out of operation, will a return to previous policy bring them back?

Couple that with a new dependence on foreign oil due to domestic energy policies roling back and it looks like old times.

It ain’t over.

And o’brien and pompeo and kushner are all talking more peace deals.

hopefully before jan 20. after that all bets are off. arab states won’t trust biden

Hope the J’Biden stooges don’t consult with this racist anti-Semite for Middle East policy.


its going to be palestinian centric. a denial of reality in favor of aspiration. the result will be no different than all the others. competing sunni and shia terrorists

It’s absolutely idiotic.

There are some reasonable Palestinians in the West Bank, but the majority of the population, and nearly all of the ones in Gaza under Hamas control, cannot be reasoned with.

I’m not saying the Palestinians’ situation is good, but it’s time for they and the rest of the world to realize that their situation is mostly self inflicted.

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the world should follow trump’s lead on this. ignore them. work past them. work around them. when the entire arab world has signed on to peace with israel they will have to make a choice. remain isolated and align with iran or negotiate for real and accept a reasonable solution. 20 years ago they could have negotiated a settlement advantageous to them. 10 years ago they could have negotiated a settlement less advantageous, but still beneficial. 5 years ago they could have negotiated a fair settlement niether side would have been happy with. today they could agree to something less, and if they stay on this path 5 years from now they’ll be begging to be an autonimous region of jordan.

of course what Trump has done may have another effect. Palestinians may see the writing on the wall and figure now’s the time. They won’t get a better deal than they could under Biden assuming Israel would sign on to it.

It is unless Trump declares martial law like some of his supporters are hoping.

Hopefully Biden will undo Trump’s idiotic declaration of recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel.
Then he can pull funding from Israel until they remove corrupt Bibi.

Rofl… :+1: :laughing:

What’s funny?
Bibi is corrupt. Fact.
We give Israel 2 billion dollars a year. How about we give that money to US citizens that need it.

We shouldn’t turn our backs on our closest Middle East ally and one of the only functioning democracies in the area just because we don’t like their current leader.


Its just my personal opinion. Not a fan of doting to one country. Even bending over backwards to keep them happy.

The undoing of Jerusalem part. What for? What has happened since then were is the mass blood shed the left predicted from that move?

Trump did cut aid from countries and was called a racist for it. If giving money out to other countries is what you want stopped (which I agree is wrong) we just elected the wrong guy. He is a globalist bye bye America first.

What’s the point of it? Its just to appease some people.

Ya know that Presidents can balance America with other countries at the same time? There’s nothing wrong with strengthening America while also being a main player in foreign affairs. Trump’s “America First” is bogus. All his promises to bring jobs back to America hasn’t happened. All hot air.

He wasn’t called racist for cutting funding to other countries.

We have allies all around the world, Israel is just one of them. Do you support cutting off all foreign aid?

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I dunno but it’s gonna be hell getting Trump extradited from KSA.

I don’t.

Everyone who’s judging Trump on his trade deals is judging post coronavirus not before coronavirus when things were actually going good trying to get China to the table.

Now you watch Biden come in a want to normalize relations with China in the next year. And I want to hear bleeding heart liberals explain to me how doing that with a country that puts 1.1 million of its own citizens in concentration camps, as well as other ■■■■■■ up stuff) is a good idea?

If Biden is smart he will keep the Trump sanctions on China in place will see. As for Jerusalem why do you care if it’s the capital or not?

Democrats seem to think if the Palestinian/Israel problem was over there would be magical peace in the Middle East. It’s just silly there has been more people die in Syria in six months of war than the entirety of wars between Israel and the West Bank or the Gaza Strip since Israel’s creation.

There is not going to be a two state solution why would the West Bank which is doing better want to join with Hamas? They don’t.

Maybe not turn our backs, but lets ghost them for a while and avoid the inevitable new war or wars to come the next 4 years.