What Happened to this Country?


I know. I was just having fun. Cheers! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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It came true. You’re looking at it. :wink:


In my life time. Lets see, first was Reagan, Than Clinton. Now I know you libs will say Obama…but that was weakest/slowest growth that many in America never pulled out. Growth was better under Trump until Covid…Covid was used as excuse to stop Trump and you all know it. Don’t even think of BSing me.


Not on mainstreet.

Specially when it was centgov caused the problem.


You looked around your country lately? :joy:


Nothing grand or monumental has happened. It another chapter in the tomes of time that eventually be succeeded by another chapter.

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What solutions are referring to here. “Central government” is a non-useful label to use when every government is “central” relative to its periphery.

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I am not including covid. Nobody is bsing anyone

To ignore Obama’s second term in terms of economic stability and growth is similar attempts at bsing.

That doesn’t really make sense.

Something kinda monumental happened. But for it happening trump is president right now. But it wasn’t democrats.

For the most part the country has not changed.
We (you and I) just live in an echo chamber where we are constantly reminded of the changes that have taken place.

It comes with old age.


the economy really hasn’t returned in mainstreet until about second half of 2014…specially in housing industry.

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Mainstreet wealth rise more under Trump than Obama.

You understand what mainstreet is?


First of all you are not wrong.

Second of all i am not sure what your definition of Main Street is. Thats a really big tent. The housing industry is just a part of it.

Yes the opposite of Wall Street. How are you quantifying that? The increase in wealth.

coming recession due to a global pandemic, seem pretty standard for everyone.

Mostly small business…and those that rely on housing industry directly or even indirectly where his hard.

I have been on these boards for a lot of years. And this is the same ■■■■ I hear from both sides every four years. It is like when both sides use the “We must take our country back” election fodor. It is dumb. No matter who is in charge, our Constitution survives.

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