What Happened to this Country?

No it wasn’t. The private sector was getting better, but it wasn’t “great”.


The country probably moved on too quickly, we tend to do that.


Ah, yes. War is good for the economy.

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Yea it was great during Obama’s second term. Trump managed to move one economic indicator unemployment.

He never outmatched Obama’s gdp. The same growth we saw during trump we saw during Obama. Trump did well.

Measuring “the economy” by GDP is low information.

“Growth” from what?

So is measuring The economy by stock market growth but yet here we are.

Growth from the Great Recession when everything almost collapsed.

Growth from the previous quarter


Why? Do you not have a 401k?

I do

A bubble isn’t a measure of the economy. That’s why.

Stock buy backs will make the price go up. That’s not a measure of anything other than the stock market

Never mind the fact that the stock market was exploding because of government cash influx while the rest of the country was mired in double digit unemployment rate and collapsing gdp.

So you can’t anything to support your own claim hot it. Instead insult peoples memories.

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My claim that they didn’t ruin it?

Sure i can.

The world as a whole is experiencing inflation and slowing growth

This wasn’t helped by both democrats and republicans infusing tons of cash into the economy

I was wrong before (in the past) when i thought that the influx of cash wasn’t going to affect the economy but not because it did.

The strangest thing happened this time. When the money came in people sat on it until after the pandemic. They saved it which was pretty aberrant behavior in this country. So when the economy opened up the now saved influx of Republican din democrats approved money created inflation, supply shortages etc. people went nuts

The additional attempts of government spending didn’t help the situation and the fed was too slow to act to respond to inflation believing their own nonsense that it was transitory. I can make that mistake you can. The fed can’t.

There is nothing as simple as argh dems. Dems however aren’t helping.

OK so why not argue that from start instead of resulting to insults of people’s memory. I think most people agree with that. Just that your side is in control and even refuse to acknowledge it is happening.


I am not refusing. I am having similar dicussions in two or three threads and they all kind of blended in together into argh dems :grin:


Of course it is.

Some of them still are. They need to separate from critprogs, marginalize them. Just like republicans need to do with MAGA election frauders.

That dog won’t hunt.

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I agree. Not anymore anyway

No you don’t understand. History started in the minds of the Democrats January 5, 2021.

What has happened to this country is that 2.5 years ago, we took another giant step towards central government rule.

Everything is now a problem that requires a centgov “solution” when the truth is very few things as such exist.