What Happened to this Country?

A lot of people are asking this question right now, or have been…even low information democrat voters…


What Happened was DEMOCRATS. They took over the Congress & White House, and their POLICIES is destroying the economy, crime through the roof, prices of gas & groceries skyrocketing.

What Happened was DEMOCRATS!


Democrats were in power during the longest period of growth and collapsing crime rates in this country. Republicans too mind you.

So let’s try again shall we?

I saw the thread title and that was going to be my answer.


We all knew that Biden and the Democrats leadership would be bad…

I m just shocked it’s been this bad.

The stock market is down more than 500 points this morning in news that inflation is higher than expected. Here’s a number for you…from CNBC…

“ Falling stock markets have wiped out more than $9 trillion in wealth from U.S. households, putting more pressure on family balance sheets and spending.”

Nice job Biden voters…


There’s an election coming up…

Democrats don’t deserve one single vote. Not one.


The problem will be, the republicans will stifle the democrat agenda, the economy will then improve, & the short memory voters will vote the democrats back in!

Stockholm Syndrome…

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Amazing. You can’t even remember that the economy before trump was great though it improves under him and you accuse others of having Stockholm syndrome. Not even using it correctly :man_facepalming:

Yes, the answer is simple - Democrats.

Next question?


You mean the 570 democrat riots across the country? You know, burning down the towns, murders, beatings, & cops injured? Oh, right, most of them wasn’t charged with their crimes!

Of course the crime rate won’t go up if they don’t enforce the law, no arrest, no rise in statistics!

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The economy under Obama here was a disaster. Soon as Trump got in, was rolling.

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No i mean 25 years of collapsing crime rates and nearly a decade of continuous economic growth.

You guys keep trying to start history in 2020

Mhmm sure it was. Trump bettered one economic indicator. Regardless i won’t blame him and will praise him for the economy. Too bad you can’t do the same.

There is nearly a million open manufacturing jobs here in America currently. Open as in not filled. Thanks democrats.

See how ridiculous that sounds. That’s what you sound like.

OK so it took a long time for Democrats ruin it. Now what

Come on. “Ruin it” didn’t happen in a vacuum. When you remove all context it’s easy to proclaim things.

You mean like you deflecting to good times while Dems were in control? You didn’t argue they didn’t ruin it just that they had some good times.


The mindset of desiring to remove, “in God we trust” as our nation’s motto. That’s the stone hitting the pond and the ripples of this mindset have gone out 360 degrees. When that ripple arrives where you are, you may not be cognizant of the source but…that’s it IMO.

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Because “ruin” it has to be discussed in context. Just like “made it better for a long time”.

Right now i am following the op in simply throwing out historical trends of bad and good

Once context is introduced then we can start discussing it.

Your the only one who thinks context is needed. I think it is obvious to the rest of us.

So why don’t you introduce some if you think it is needed.

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Of course it is obvious to the rest of you because the rest of you. Whoever that is are just going “argh democrats”

The rest of you can’t even remember the longest economic growth under democrats

Why introduce context when it’s clear to the rest of you that’s it’s argh democrats


Some democrats were good people.

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When was that?

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