What happened to the Trump/Ingraham interview thread

Trump claimed, in an interview with Ingraham, that he was holding up the start of the D-Day ceremony so he could do an interview with Ingraham. Ingraham came back later and issued a clarification that it was #FakeNews that the ceremony was held up because of Trump…but she failed to mention the claim originated during her interview with him.

Perfectly valid topic of discussion. What happened to it? I was in that thread, don’t recall any persistent, over the edge influx of posts.

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An excellent question…saw the interview…how can Ingraham falsify what happened like that. Does she forget that her interview was taped?

There was a thread about it, and I don’t recall anything that should have warranted the ENTIRE THREAD being removed.

If I recall, the OP didn’t really have much in the way of commentary. No link to the interview. No quotes. Nothing beyond a one sentence quip. I kind of figured it was going to end up deleted, so I didn’t comment on it.

There are plenty of threads like that-where an OP just shares thoughts on something that happened and we have to wait for a few posts for someone to share a link.

If that’s the cause, then this thread should be gone as well, since it’s just a couple of sentences with no source.

And, as I mentioned above, later posts shared articles on what the story was about and it was actively being discussed-I was one of the people discussing the content of the article from linked sources.

Kind of takes the politics out of the name of the forum if the President is a protected person. I’m not saying he is a protected person, but that appearance is created on a regular basis.

I look forward to the rationale for deleting the thread.

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I mean, I’m not saying this place is really known for it’s consistency when it comes to what gets moderated. I would prefer a little more respect be given to long, ongoing threads rather than simply deleting them because an OP is borderline, but the people in charge here have a different view of things.

How truly appalling and disrespectful is Donald Trump? Around 38 seconds in to the interview he comments that he is holding up the ceremony because of his interview with Laura Ingraham.

Yeah, that was the article that was eventually posted in the thread, so it’s not like the thread was going hundreds of posts without the facts laid out to discuss.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the admins wanted to make Trump a protected person but realize if they did it would be a dead site.

As Reggie Jackson said he’s a born liar (Billy Martin), the other one is a convicted (George Steinbrenner)

In this case Trump and Cohen.

Sorry my thread offended people and got deleted.

Trump is, was and always will a born liar.


But…But…But…that didn’t really happen…

Your “OP”

**Trump lies doing the Ingram interview **

Can’t our president ever, ever, ever tell the truth, just once.


It doesn’t meet the minimum criteria for a thread starter. No discussion, no relevant information, if you got to dig to figure out what you’re talking about, you should probably go back to the drawing board and try harder.

Eh. Just seems very…unnecessary. Discussion was happening. Topic was clarified quickly. It would seem less questionable if it had been removed after like…5 or fewer posts, instead of dozens where sources were provided and the topic was being discussed.

I mean, if it were nothing but an OP that said “Trump is dumb” and the title of the thread was “Trump Sucks” I don’t think anyone would find that questionable.

Thanks for responding, though.

I understand it must be very difficult if not impossible to defend Trump. It is a case of trying to defend the indefensible.

I’m sure he can. But you’ve got to admit he doesn’t always speak truthfully.