What happened to the fox /trump thread?

didn’t I just see something on this?

Was it talking about tump listing all hyper partisan far right pundits on FOX and claiming “we have a lot of good people”?

Was this in regards to Donald’s most recent criticism of the #1 rated cable news network in the history of ever?

it was about trump claiming fox has changed…

Threads vanish all the time with no reason given, same with posts.

This is the only forum I know of that operates in such secrecy and then the mods get all indignant when people start to question their motives. Secrecy creates distrust.

This messageboard has so much potential but that potential is stifled, no idea why, because a healthy active exchange of views and opinions is the goal.


Quoting violations have always been deleted. This has been explained ad nauseum. This isn’t the other forums you visit. A free exchange of ideas is welcomed here, if you remain within tos. Covfefe.

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