What happened to the edit post function?

The edit post icon has disappeared on my iPad today. Is this a known glitch that someone there is aware and of and working to correct?

Test, just to see if I can edit from my pc

EDIT - and I can.

Ipads suck, get a desktop PC!

I have one, but I use the iPad too.

The edit function works on the desktop just fine, its only on the iPad that it has disappeared. It was there and functional yesterday evening, implying that perhaps the problem occurred during the routine nightly maintenance.

Interesting … on my desk top, I just edited this post, but I went to a post in the Global Warming is real thread to correct a typo in an earlier post and the edit icon was not there. The problem may be with selective threads, not the forum platform itself.

Belay that … this is weird. I just went back to that thread to continue discussion and the icon is back. ???

Even more weird … on the iPad, it shows up on some of my posts in that thread, but not others.

Operator error.

That error was purchasing anything apple



Clear cache. Looks to be your iPad.

It’s my wife’s. But that does not explain the issue I’m experiencing.

How do you clear the cache on an iPad? Besides, how does that explain the same issue when using my Microsoft operating system computer?

This is the post that I tried to fix the typo when I first discovered the problem:

I assume that you Mods can see what I see when viewing that post …

And this is posted from my desktop. The edit icon does not show up with that post.