WHAT HAPPENED? Hillary’s Popularity at RECORD LOWS After Her ‘Excuses Tour’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/what-happened-hillarys-popularity-at-record-lows-after-her-excuses-tour/

A new poll released by the Wall Street Journal this week shows Hillary Clinton’s popularity at historic lows, reaching unprecedented levels over a year after her surprise defeat to Donald Trump.

According to the survey, just 27% of Americans have a ‘very positive’ or ‘somewhat positive’ view of the twice-failed presidential nominee; a drop of 3% from a previous poll that showed her popularity at 30%.

“A Journal analysis of the poll notes that the poll is a reminder of ‘just how unusual’ Clinton is in terms of her unpopularity – even among recent losing presidential nominees who have typically experienced a post-election decline, but not to the extent Clinton has. At the time of the election, 40 percent had a positive view of her,” writes Fox News.

Clinton made national headlines just weeks ago -drawing fire from both Democrats and Republicans- after she slammed “white women” who voted for Trump; claiming they were forced to vote for the GOP nominee by their “husbands and sons.”

I’m starting to think she may not win the election.


I’m not surprised by this. She is an incredibly unlikable person. And she has done herself no favors after the election, with her victim-tour, blaming anyone and everyone for her loss in 2016, other than herself. She was a historically terrible candidate with few, if any, redeeming qualities or traits. I, for one, hope she goes away and lives her life outside of the public eye. Go away!

Finally, after a year and a half, I think she’s getting the hint.

Conservatives have always hated her. Everyone else is ready for her to withdraw from public life entirely. It’s not surprising.

I’m not with her anymore.

the right wing obsession with hillary continues

Full obscure retirement is Chicken Noodle soup for the soul.


A large majority of Americans are tired of the Clintons. I am not surprised she has a low popularity number. She never was popular to begin with.

That is one thing she and Trump have in common.

Conservatives seem desperate to keep attention On Clinton. She lost the election and she has lost her power base in the Democratic Party. She is an irrelevance now.

Hannity and the likes to Limbaugh etc. continually brings her up on their shows, they talk more about Hilary than liberals do.

You don’t get to act like you didn’t try to put her in the White House.


There’s a distinct difference between 2016 and 2018. It’s sad that the right is still obsessed with her almost 2 years after the election ended.

Oh no Hilary dropped to number 5 on the worlds most admired woman in the lets say it together WORLD,

Now there is a rising star on the mens division. Donald Trump–the 17th most admired man

Maybe next year he makes it to 16. LOL.


let’s put this in perspective.
On the men’s side we have Putin as number 6 and Jackie Chan as number 3.

and the election was a year and a half ago.

its teh right that cant seem to forget her…
talk radio spends more time on her than almost anything else

Rumor has it, H. Clinton lost the 2016 election. Has there been any other time that the winner and his followers dwell SO MUCH on the loser a year and a half after the election? Wonder why…

Trump voted for Putin lol

The more she talks, the less people like her. She’s done a lot of talking since she lost.

Most people now just want her to go away.