What good is a uninion contract if the union won't follow it

Many here on Hannity are Union supporters. So what happens when the Union won’t follow the contract.

What I mean is this – They (the union) negotate with a business for ther working conditions, wages, and such. The unions expect the company to follow the contract.

But what if the contract says the Union will step in to stop wildcat strikes? And what happens if a wildcat strike is called and the Union doesn’t step in and tell their workers (that ratified the contract) to get back to work?

I am going someplace with this – Just wonder what should happen in that case. You know, the contract between the union and a company says the union will step in to stop wildcat strikes - but fails to do so?

What caused them to go on strike? Did the company ignore certain provisions in the contact?. I’m sure the union employees didn’t strike just for the hell of it…

Btw…Been a Teamster for the past 28 years, and 5 year Paper Makers union before that.

The company was following the contract. The workers want a pay raise and have not been doing their jobs, and went on strike to get it. But the ratified the contract for the pay they are getting, and the uninion did not vote on a strike. Contract says the Uninion is supposed to stop srikes like this.

Do you have a link to the story?..Sounds kinda iffy to me. What company and location?

I’ll bring the link in later.

Do you agree that if the union is supposed to stop wildcat strikes, they should?

If the workers arent following the contract they signed in good faith and the company is, then I’d say the company has a good legal case to fire said workers.

A bunch of them were fired, now the union has filed a grevience with the national labor relations board saying that the company wouldn’t “negotiate” higher pay for the workers (even through it’s not to to renew/make a new contract). That after the company filed a frevience with the NLRB that the Union didn’t step in and end the strike.

Both parties should follow the contact… I’ve seen many instances at my shop where the company blatantly disregards the contact and their response is “Don’t like it, take it to arbitration”…In the meantime we have have to deal with that situation for 3-4 months until the Arbitration, then and month waiting for the decision. And there was instance where the company lost and was ordered to pay thousands in overtime because of a blatant screw you. The company simply refused to pay it after the decision…and not a thing happened to them for doing so…

Well I hope they lose their grievance. Cant have your cake and eat it too.

I’ve been in unions for over 30 years. IBEW and now AFL-CIO 194.

I’ve seen only one wildcat strike and after about a week they were told to go back to work or else. They did. That strike happened to be in support of either a lockout or striking workers elsewhere with similar jobs.

Other than that I have never seen a strike without union authorization. Employees can’t just decide they don’t like the contract mid way through it and go on strike. That doesn’t make sense to me. What does happen on occasion are employees all calling out sick for a few days due to a grievance that isn’t moving along fast enough or getting any attention. Let the OT start going through the roof. That always gets their attention.

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I think I know where you’re going with this. But you have to realize, sometimes there is nothing a union can do.

Read about this the other day… Grad students @ UC Santa Cruz. … what i read was union did not support the strike

Oh pary pooper. I was trying to get more opinions.

here is the article:

They have essentially gone on strike:

Earlier this month, the students started holding protests on campus and many stopped teaching, holding office hours and conducting research.

Union kind of didn’t do anything. Didn’t point out they have a contract and need to keep doing the research they are paid to do, the teaching they are supposed to, and having office hours.

On Friday, 54 students who already had teaching jobs for the spring quarter received letters from the university saying they were being dismissed from their positions, the student activists said.

The group said that about 28 others, who were part of the strike, were notified Friday that they will no longer be considered for teaching positions.

28 told don’t come back next year, 54 recieved termination letters.

Now the union is upset that the Univeristy is firing “students” for not living up to their end of the contract.

A representative for the union that represents more than 19,000 academic workers across the University of California system said she was surprised by the university’s decision.

“We are shocked by UC’s callousness, and by the violence that so many protesters experienced as they peacefully made the case for a cost of living increase,” said Kavitha Iyengar, president of UAW Local 2865, in a statement. “Instead of firing TAs who are standing up for a decent standard of living for themselves, UC must sit down at the bargaining table and negotiate a cost of living increase.”

So basically the Union is NOW supporting the wildcat strike saying the University MUST change the agreed upon contract mid contract.

Well yeah, they have no other choice in the matter. They are going to support them no matter what. There was nothing the union could do to change their minds. They were dead set on all or nothing because in their minds they had nothing to lose. They could not pay their rent with or without the job. For a union to actually have any influence in the matter the employees themselves would have to value their jobs. If in the current conditions they do not, there is nothing a union can do.

The workers must abide by the contract agreed to.

If a pay raise is desired then they should raise the issue at the next renewal negotiations. That is the time to push for better conditions and wages. And if the owners refuse to be reasonable, then you strike and shut down production.

I’m a big supporter of organizing workers but we have to honor the contracts we agree to. Otherwise the population at large will stop supporting the workers.

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Union has a choice in supporting the wildcat strike.

The union should NOT be supporting that strike.

Union should have call the students wanting to strike to a lecture hall, then explained:

  1. You are part of a union.
  2. The union represented rates of pay in good faith.
  3. If you wish to go on strike the union will not support you and you will likely be fired so then you won’t have any income.
    .WW, PHS

Just by the fact it is not a union authorized strike means they do not support it. Unauthorized is not supporting by definition. If you expect the union to turn on its members, or turn a blind eye to punishment to their members, that’s not going to happen. That’s not how unions work. However, I don’t think they have solid ground to stand on anyway.

They shouldn’t have to say any of that. Just inform them that they could lose their jobs if they don’t go back to work. Which they probably already did.

Yet as noted from the article Snow posted:

They ARE supporting the strike. They are calling for the same thing the strikers are striking for.

Turn on its members? They can say, “Guys, the contract is in place. End the strike now. We cannot stop the university from canning you. We will take up this issue at the next renegotiation.”

Instead they are backing the strikers’ demands.

They union most certainly is supporting the strike.